Monday, April 16, 2018

Traveling and relations

Historical Picture:

Who can forget the twin towers and 9/11

Who cam forget the exuberance of the attackers!

Most of the readers here graduated High School and some went on to College. I was wondering the other day what subjects appealed to my friends.  With me it was math and algebra. I did not attend long enough to study Trigonometry. 

I was fascinated by American History,  I could sit at my desk and wonder what Dan'l Boone would think if he walked out of the woods to see a highway with cars on it.

I did like English, but only the part of diagramming sentences.  I liked that.

It is a wonder, but I was not deeply interested in geography.  Maybe my ‘Inner boy’ wanted to learn it up close and personal, I have no idea.  My parents traveled by car a lot, and I was always ready to go. Sister Shirl on the other hand would find a friend to stay with. She just did not care for long rides.

Even today at 79 years old, when I see or even start thinking of Maine, Texas, Arizona, Utah or Washington or Alaska I smile. My heart gets a yearning to be driving cross country. It has always been so, and sadly I KNOW those times are going to come to an end within the next 5-10 years. I think I am that wise.  LOL

I am also smiling now because I heard my girl tell son #1 that maybe if he flew to Utah to see his son and granddaughter, maybe we could drive out and be there too! (There is always hope, huh?)

Side note: in reading the information on North Carolina I read of the company put together money to finance people to come to the ‘New World’ to establish colonies. I ask myself, in all honesty could I have left friends in England and took a ship to the new land?  I think so, but I don’t know. What about you?

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North Carolina Facts:

  • 1602 - Sir Walter Raleigh sends Samuel Mace of Weymouth on a voyage to Virginia (North Carolina) to explore and search for survivors of the Lost Colony
  • 1606 - 10 April, English investors form the London Virginia Company are backed by a royal charter to finance permanent English settlements in the New World
  • 1609 - Henry Hudson (1565-1611) English and navigator explores the area
  • 1691 - The area assumed the name of North Carolina
  • 1653 - Nathaniel Batts ( 1620-1679 ) becomes the earliest permanent settler in North Carolina
  • My Aunt Agnes and a  new 1954 Buick Roadmaster


betty said...

I'm not too sure I'm adventurous enough to journey across the ocean to the New World, but I can see you and Sherry perhaps doing so :) I liked pretty much all the classes taken except for the sciences, forget the part of dissecting animals in biology :) I really enjoyed the business classes though of typing and shorthand and to this day over 40 years later, I can still write things in shorthand. If one has the time and the physical abilities to do so, driving across country or anywhere else for that matter is always enjoyable to see what is along the way (provided the traffic is somewhat manageable :)

I'm back from my blogging break and hope to have an entry up today or tomorrow :_


Dar said...

Your Aunt Agnes is gorgeous~her car too. I guess I liked home economics, English and sciences the best, or whatever would eventually take me outside, like recess.I was never a good reader or good at math but that's changed with improvement. Now I have my nose in a book quite often.
I would have traveled cross oceans if my family were all with me, but to leave some of them behind, I don't think so. Family ties are too tight.
My guess you'll be traveling to Utah by summertime. :)
love n' hugs where we ended up with 18 inches of snow, nothing compared to the southern part of the state where they got 30 inches. I'm so glad we're done shoveling out!

Nawm D Gerr said...

My husband and I are watching The Terror on AMC and it was on last night. I just think how bleak the conditions were and how scary it must have been to be those first explorers in the artic north...but anywhere really is awe inspiring. To think back in the 17th and 18th century of getting on a ship and being not in sight of land for weeks or months...I can't really comprehend it. I agree with the commenters above, that it appears likely you would have been out there with those early explorers. Since you understand math, you probably already know how to read a sextant.

Rain said...

I don't know Jack...I don't think I could brave a new land like that. I mean, I had the travel bug many moons ago and did travel a lot around Canada...but I"m such a nester now!

In school my favourite subject was English Literature, especially Shakespeare and poetry. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Your first question got to me - NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO FORGET - I think all kids in school should see a video on it each and every year of school - so we will NEVER EVER FORGET. They need to learn to appreciate the GOOD OLD USA! They just don't get it, sandie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I will never forget the terror of 911 but I do not think the kids of today realize how much it meant to us that lived through it. They are now growing up in a world where there are terrorist attacks of one kind or another every day. Sad to think about for sure. I love english, history, literature, and art in school and was ok at math but when it came to algebra and the rest, it didn't go so well so they were my least favorite. Life is enough adventure for me. Each brings new opportunities and beginnings. Snowing here today!

Mevely317 said...

I once had a wanderlust heart ... not so much anymore. So, no. I don't suppose I'd have had the moxie to come across the Big Pond.

'Had to smile at those subjects you most enjoyed -- because they were my worst! Besides typing and shorthand, English lit and geography ... I'd a passion for journalism. That was supposed to be my career path; so glad, in retrospect, that didn't come about!

I think your Auntie Agnes looks a lot like a young Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. That wasp waist!

Lisa said...

The only class I ever had interest in during school was "Health" class. I made A's in that class and loved attending it. But of course I always wanted to be a nurse too. All other classes never kept my attention. I would say math was pretty easy for me but I only took basic math.
You Aunt is beautiful. I wish I knew the secret to those tiny waist they all had back then.


Paula said...

I noticed your aunt agnes' belt as they were very popular in the 50's.