Saturday, April 14, 2018

Nesting place behind Shirl's condo

Historical Photo:
1961 VW flat bed

Things have a way of evening out. The weather is warm here and the digging is done for my project with the pump and the new pump is on its way from Washington State. I think I have all the material to finish the job. Life is good.
Here is some of Shirl’s azaleas. She is a little down and for the first time in her life yard work has taken a back seat.

This is the coach nestled in our site in town with country atmosphere. Hey, and the next door neighbors have a beagle puppy who is a sweetheart. She comes out to talk to me. She says she is almost a year. She sorta smiled when she said that the original owners gave her away to this wonderful family because she could not bark. I heard them say, ‘a beagle is no good that has no voice.’ It hurt my feelings, so I fooled them as you have noticed, now I can talk big time.  

She is usually behind that white/grey fence.

The canvas covers the digging. Shirl said the weather man is calling for rain and bad weather tomorrow.

This is the woods behind the coach, in front is woods also and has a swing I built 20 years ago that we have spent hours in the shade talking and entertaining the kids and grands.

We just had a veggie pizza with Shirl, now we will enjoy a quiet evening and dominoes. Life is good, for us.
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North Carolina facts (since we are here)
  • The Native Indians of North Carolina included the Bear River Indians, Cape Fear Indians, Catawba, Cheraw, Cherokee, Chowanoc, Machapunga, Moratok, Natchez, Occaneechi, Saponi, Shakori, Tuscarora and Waccamaw tribes

(I never knew there were so many tribes  or nations in NC)

  • 1524 - Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano ( 1485 - 1528 ) arriving at Cape Fear, explores the Carolina coast for France
  • 1540 - Spanish explorer, Spanish Hernando de Soto (1500-1542) explores the area in search of gold
  • 1584 - March 25 Queen Elizabeth I of England granted a charter to Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618) to search and discover 'remote and heathen lands'
  • 1584 - April 27 Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe reach Roanoke Island in July, authorized by Sir Walter Raleigh, claim the land and return to England in September


Lisa said...

We spent a day in Charlotte visiting the daughter. We are now in and relaxing for the night too. Yes, it supose to be storms tomorrow. We need some rain. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Mevely317 said...

Thank you so much for sharing these visual prompts, Jack... I especially enjoy seeing your flags!

I'm sorry to hear Shirl is down; having you and Sherry nearby must bring her a lot of comfort. I hope.


Shirl's flowers look nice. hope she feels more like herself soon. like your resting place for the motor home. looks comfy, cozy.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great place for your coach. Having woods like that behind you would make you feel like you were in the country. I enjoyed the pictures of Shirl's azaleas. They are always a welcoming sight. So Bright and cheerful. I do hope she is feeling better soon. And hope you can enjoy a little break visiting while you wait for the pump and the work begins again.

Dar said...

My prayers for your sister that she feels more better soon. I'm glad you're there to visit and do the odd jobs. You're a great comfort to her, I'm sure.
Love that you have a puppy visitor. Sweet, and now he can bark. makes me smile. Enjoy your swing duties. We have to wait for hopefully, our Last snow storm to pass, the icicles to melt and maybe, just maybe, we will see spring.
HA!!!! not looking too promising today as we do have a blizzard going on.
love n' hugs from our home to yours. Send sunshine and hot air.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope your sister feels better and that she starts to take an interest in her garden. We had a beagle puppy for two weeks - it never ever stopped crying so we found a wonderful home for her that could handle that - We had the bad weather yesterday that you are probably getting today. And today is kind of cold here. Glad you are enjoying your time there.