Thursday, April 26, 2018

Still fishing

We are well, busy as a cat chasing it's tail. (but hopefully accomplishing more! Thanks for the e-mails, comments and concerns.)
I talked about being thrown curves, one I didn’t expect was personal. I broke a tooth. Very little pain, but it had to be taken care of. The term used today is, ‘I have a lot on my plate and this was an ‘unappreciated addition’, ha!’
Our life style has its drawbacks. Once I found a dentist who could take me in a day or so, I made the appt. for the next day. The first question on the many forms that must be filled out in today’s world was, ‘Who was your last dentist, and why did you leave?’

I can generate many answers to a question like that, but I didn’t. I explained to the person filling the form that I did not have a ‘dentist’. My teeth work has been done where ever we were at the time, such as this one. The ones I remembered were: Idaho, Utah, NC and Mexico. I remembered this broke one was done in Lenoir, NC. I remember because the Dentist refused to pull a wisdom tooth without Novocain. He had to pull the wisdom tooth to get to a cavity that it was hiding on the neighboring tooth.

I asked that this present problem tooth be pulled. I use my own logic. I chew mostly on the opposite side. I am near 80 and it won’t be long until I am drinking my food or dead; and besides I do not have the time nor patients to add to my already FULL PLATE. Probably not the best decision, but I own it. These doctors (two of them in the room to do the work) also refused to pull the tooth without Novocain.

Costs are usually figured different for someone passing thru town, and not going to become a regular patient. The two places that were reasonable were first Mexico of course. But a small town in Utah the Dr. took time to grind a tooth that was too high that had been filled in Idaho. He charged me $20 for his time.

If you are sitting down this won’t be bad. For pulling one tooth in Belmont, NC was $430.00.  Would that be normal in your neck of the woods?

But I did get seen in a day, I am not a regular and most of all the work is done and I am about over it.
I am still 'gone fishing.'

I will talk about why I am fishing trip later.
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Paula said...

Glad you got your dental work done. Dental work is ourageous, they always want to exray and John refuses so they make him sign a paper, I guess to protect themselves.

betty said...

I think $430 is reasonable. I'm trying to remember what son's wisdom teeth extraction cost a few years back. He only had 2 wisdom teeth (that would explain why he made some bad choices over the years, LOL). He didn't have to "go under" so to speak. They were simple extractions. I want to say they were $200 per tooth?? Glad you got it taken care of and I agree after a certain age why put a lot of money into something you don't know how much longer you need (though we hope it is for a very long time you and Sherry will be around). Missing you while you are fishing, but know that fishing is sometimes needed for one's sanity.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree and think the pricing on your dental work was about the norm. I have broken a tooth but it doesn't bother me so the remaining piece is still in place. My motto is if it doesn't hurt or make me sick, it's not going to get fixed. My teeth are old like me and I'd be having them pulled too. Glad you were able to get an appointment as soon as you did. Hopefully there will be no more additions to your already full plate. Take care !

Mevely317 said...

Aw, I've missed you! ... and so sorry to learn of your broken tooth! This reminds me of my own mom who - when the doctor suggested replacing her old fillings with gold ones - informed him she was 83 years old and wasn't about to waste good money on that sort of nonsense! (Of course, this is the same lady who long ago told me the Novocane shot hurt worse than the drill. Little wonder I grew up hating dentists!)

Then there was my former husband who wore full dentures. He'd a habit of tapping/biting his writing instruments and sure enough, one day a piece of his front tooth went flying off. I suggested he just leave it be, because no-one would ever guess he wore dentures that had a chip!

Sorry, I don't know enough about dental costs to venture a guess. 'Still holding you 3 in my prayers!

Chatty Crone said...

I agree - if I lose a tooth I think I would have it pulled here and I think it would be more than $430 - but a crown would be three times more! I am sorry it happened. We ALL miss you.

Glenda said...

Sorry to hear about the tooth problem, I feel your pain. Dental work has been the bane of my health since early 20s. Hope you feel better soon wishing all y'all a good weekend!

Lisa said...

Well I have had a total of 3 teeth pulled becuase I could not afford to fix them. They were all under 200.00 each to pull. I do not have dental insurance. I go to Cooper Denitstry in Gtown off broad Street. Enjoy your fishing trip. Ill be gone fishing this weekend. Haha.

Dar said...

Chipped tooth and dental work~~~Ouch to the work and the bill. My daughter just had a tooth pulled at the loud tune of over $600 but then the roots were deep into her sinuses. I guess it depends on who and where the teeth are pulled. She had to see a specialist so maybe that's what cost so much more.
We have to take care of those choppers to enjoy a good steak,right?
Prayers continue your way. Keep on fishin'!
loven'hugs from up north where we came home to nearly no snow....what a treat!


compared to the over $500 here that is reasonable.