Monday, April 9, 2018

Road Trip to NC

 We wanted to get an early start this morning so I had a list of stuff and Sherry had hers to do. I have been checking a maverick tire for two weeks, it has not lost a pound of air as of last night. Last night I also started the diesel engine so I wouldn’t have a surprise this morning.

So this morning I check the odd tire and it has lost 40 lbs overnight. I dug the compressor out and aired it up.

Stepped inside and the engine would not start. WHAT?  Fortunately the engine has an auxiliary battery and it started.
Finally on the road. And it started raining. The wipers would not work. It was a wild experience. So I drove 50 miles in off and on rain. With no wipers. Once out of nowhere the wipers made A half cycle and stayed out in like they were giving up making a big V. Then in a few minutes they came back to the ‘rest’ position. They never worked again, but the rain stopped at Jacksonville, FL.

Then we stopped for fuel. While the tank was being filled we both heard a loud boom. Sherry came to the door and asked, “Did we just have a blow out?”
“NO, I said I think it came from a truck.  But I will check.”
YES one of our rear inside dual tires had blown while it was sitting still! This was a very interesting trip.  It is not good practice but I decided to drive on 3 rear tires.  We were able to laugh about it all.
We had left over hamburger steak with mushrooms and onions and a salad for lunch at a rest area allowing the tire time to rest.  We stopped several times coming in and still made it in with no more incidents.
We are now set up (partly) here behind Shirl.
Now for an update:
This is my substitute Tomato crop a few weeks ago with 4 blooms:

This is what was left of the original crop. It all froze except for one little sprig that survived, it is now a huge thriving Cherry Tomato plant.

 It has about 16 cherry tomatoes now, with more blooms.

Then this is the substitute crop today:

 With about 30 blooms and 8 tomatoes

I dug up the cherry tomato, I hope it survives.
OH and they rode up to NC in our Shower!

We are now happy campers and I must spend some time righting this coach!  LOL
From North Carolina
Nite Shipslog
PS: Maybe I can get back to some more states quickly! I feel ‘out to Lunch’ at present.  hahahaha

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 1940 Chevy Pickup


Paula said...

You've become quite the tomato gardener. I didn't even plant one I've had such bad luck in the past. Sounds as if you've had some of our bad luck but we'll all survive. I don't think I've even mentioned them all in my blog. Are you visiting Shirl. Hope she is dong as well as she can.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you made your destination safely. What a wild trip you had. Yup, you do need to do a little repair there before you are on the road again. It was a wonder that blow out happened when you were sitting still and that you also have dual tires too. A trip like that one had to have kept you on your toes for sure ! I love seeing your portable tomato garden. Looks like they are thriving.

Glenda said...

What a combination of mishaps to deal with! That blowout is really wierd.
But it sounds like you guys took everything in stride, glad you made it home with the tomato plants intact! Hello to the NC folks

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh that was a trip to remember - like Murphy's Law - glad you made it safely home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Im glad you got here safe.
You definately have a green thumb. I can not get tomato plants to produce due to the tomato worms which gross me out and the birds nippin the buds off. I have had luck with egg plants and plan to grow a couple of those this summer. Meanwhile my lemon trees have survived Winter in my office window. I will be taking them home to the patio if it ever warms up!

Mevely317 said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Good thing y'all are younger than us and can take these absurdities in stride! I'd have probably been hanging out the passenger side window with a towel on a broomstick.... lol.

Seriously, I'm so relieved you arrived safely. Maybe the tomato plants were your lucky charms?

Dar said...

I've got to hand it to you two wanderers, you have patience! So glad you made it home safely in spite of a few setbacks. Now to maintain once again, right!
The tomato plants look good. Bill has several plants started under his grow lights but with yet another BIG snowstorm coming our way by the weekend, we are beginning to wonder if we will see any spring before summer arrives. What a mess up here. Oh how I want that Chevy truck......what a sweet ride for my pumpkins., don't you think?
love n' hugs from up north where the winds blow and the sky is gray. Bummer!


glad you arrived safely after all those issues arose. hopefully the tomatoes will continue coming in.