Saturday, May 11, 2019

My mama.

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Mother’s Day
Kathryn Forbes wrote a book, ‘Remembering Mama,’ many years ago. It became a play and a long running TV series.

Mothers are unique. Most likely a book could be written about every mama. Most mothers are revered and honored, as they should be.

My mother’s name was Grace Missouri Gertrude Lloyd. She said her parents said she married ‘down’ when she accepted that Frank Darnell’s proposal. He was only a farmer, Mama’s family owned a store in Eastanollie, Georgia and a farm.

She birthed 7 children, 5 lived to be adults. She learned raising 3 children during the depression, to create meals out of what was available. Shirley and I were born after most of the hard times. There were a few times we had her ‘Loblolly’ (as she called it), a sort of gravy over biscuits. When things were tight.

She was a stable force behind dad. She backed his ideas and plans.

Mama knew stuff. Once when I had ‘stolen’ 50cents from mama’s purse and walked out on the porch. I was 7, and planned to sneak off to the movies.  Boy do I remember it.
“Jackie, your shoe is untied,” she said. I bent down to tie the shoe and the coin fell out of my shirt pocket.
She only said, “Wonder where that came from? Maybe you should put it back.”

All I could say was “Yes ma’am.” And I did.

There were hundreds of incidents but another I remember as a teen, I slipped out the upstairs window and shinned down the side porch post. I meet my friends to just ‘mess around.’ When I came back to sneak in the back door (no one locked their doors) as I started up the stairs to my room mama called out, “Jackie, there is a sandwich in the oven.”

No one pulled the wool over mama’s eyes.

One more that daddy told on mama. He was a district pastor and was complaining to mama about a pastor who could not get along with his leading members. Mama had said, “Frank, remember he is new and having to adjust a lot.”
“Grace, you would find something good to say about the devil!”
He said mama just smiled and said, “Honey, the devil works hard.”
That was my mama, (one of)  the most wonderful mothers in the world.

There have been some wonderful women in my life. Sherry my wife, Susie her mama, Katherine my sister and Corinne, (my ex DIL who today sent us corn from the farmers market). NOT JUST AS MOTHERS, but this world would be pathetic without solid women to give stability.

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PS:  You know, I cannot think of a man who compares with Helen Keller!

PS2: Did I read that sign right?
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betty said...

Your mom indeed was a gem, Jack! Moms have a way of knowing what their kids are up to. Must be a "mom gene" kind of thing!

Happy Mother's Day Sherry!



a lovely tribute to your mother. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to Sherry.

Mevely317 said...

What great pictures you paint with your words! Love that 'episode' with the 50-cent piece falling out of your pocket. What would we be without our memories!

PS - Happy Mother's Day to Sherry!

Glenda said...

You keep "raising the bar" with writing wonderful memories of your Mama, great post. Hope Sherry's Mother's Day has been lovely!

Jackie said...

Oh Jack! She sounds like a very wise and wonderful lady. You are blessed to have had her for your Mama.
Apparently, she had the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon. All of us could certainly learn from her example of Motherhood.

Dar said...

Your Mama was a rock, a true foundation for your family, especially that lil' Jackie! lol I love the way you honor those you love. Your heart shines right through!!! Happy Mother's Day Sherry. By now I'm sure it was a lovely one.
love n' hugs from up north where we spent Mother's Day at the farm with a most wonderful lady, My Mom.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post about your mom and all the great, sweet women in your life. You mom was a survivor of hard times and instilled good work ethics in you and others, I'm sure.

I hope you have a blessed night-Happy Mother's Day to Sherry. Hugs- Diana