Monday, July 29, 2019

Feral vs House cats

A favorite car
1964 Corvair Spyder

Neighbor Michelle, feeds Stormy most days at least once. We talked the other day about getting Stormy fixed. I would love to do that. Maybe if we stick around long enough I can catch her ‘not pregnant’ and get it done.

I have a motion detector set up now that turns on a light when something crawls under the garage door. Stormy is familiar and ignores it, but it seems to keep the Racoons and other ferals out. I set up my trail camera every night, so far Stormy is the only one on film The videos here are 5 seconds, some good ones of Stormy in the garage.
Garage perch 5 seconds.

I have read that they clip the left ear to show a feral cat has been fixed. Someone had a good idea there. But what I have read here there are only specific times of the month they do Feral cats for $80-$100. That doesn’t seem like a great incentive to have people volunteer to get the feral fixed. 
 On Garage ledge (5 second video)
I would also like her ‘declawed’ but that would not be fair to the Feral. They need the claws to hunt when someone does not feed them, or are gone a few weeks at a time like we are. We do not want a house cat, but would not mind her in the house some of the time, however that brings up the claws, she loved to use those, that would not be good on the furniture. ;-(. She stepped two or three steps in the house a couple days ago then ran out. LOL
 ( and then she stuck out her tongue on the video.) 5 sec
She already has some teeth marks on the back of her neck, so I know our Stormy has been acting like THE Stormy Daniels, but she doesn’t get paid.

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jack69 said...

PS: The little rascal walked into the house about 3 feet this morning as soon as I opened the door to the garage. Then she ran back out and I gave her her treat, some milk.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of these days she'll figure out what a good life she could have with the two of you as friends! Don't give up.

Lisa said...

She came into the house? I do not think its a good idea to keep a feral cat in the house unless you catch them as a kitten. But if she wants to wonder in sometimes it's ok but watch for fleas. She looks healthy with a nice shiny black coat. I can't wait to see if she will let you adopt her next liter. She looks pretty comfortable in the garage taking baths. I bet she does her cat yoga in there too. haha.

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betty said...

She is getting to be a brave one! I never owned a cat but I'm thinking if it was an inside one I for sure would get it declawed, but you are right, an outdoor one needs their claws. Check with the local animal shelter; they might have info on how to spay a feral cat. She is a cutie!


Sheila Y said...

When Cori got her cat Tokki (long o like oak) we bought him a cat tree where all three legs were a different type scratching post, wood, carpet and wrapped with small rope. Sisal rope I think. He preferred the rope and it was the shorted leg and he grew to a large cat. Ha. But he used that and didn’t bother the furniture but I don’t know if all cats would. Take care, Sheila

Susan Kane said...

WE had a lage tom (fixed). He got out one time during a flea epidemic and our house became flea condos.

You are kind to take on a feral cat.

Mevely317 said...

OK, I laughed out loud at your closing statement!
We weren't living here a month when both dogs caught fleas. I remember feeling horrified. Thankfully, their vet gave them each injections and predicted (correctly) they would be flea-free within 30 minutes. Every 6 months they're given an injection. Perhaps this is something to look into -- for everyone's peace of mind?

yaya said...

I hope that cat can get fixed so no more unwanted kitties to go feral. We have a program called the rascal unit...or neuter scooter...that will do the job pretty inexpensively. I rescued a cat that we named Squeak. I took her in to be fixed and after the vet put her to sleep he realized she was already fixed. They still charged me...for the anesthetic! Oh well, better fixed than sorry!

Chatty Crone said...

I have a friend who over time had a feral cat come around and end up an indoor cat. Sandie