Tuesday, July 2, 2019

She refuses to START!

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But for today:
This is hopefully our last post from our ‘home base’ for a few weeks. We are not used to loading an RV for a trip, it has been loaded and ready for over 20 years.

 So we are trying to get it ready. When it happened…..

She refuses to start.  I did the handy man stuff, Sherry trying to crank the engine and me using a hammer on the starter body.  That works sometime, just jarring the starter’s armature. Actually the starter was spinning but the solenoid that engages it was not working. 

We called road service explained the coach has brand new batteries bought and installed yesterday. The started clicks but won’t turn the engine over.

We waited, the man arrived. “Are you the gentleman with a dead battery?”  OUCH! Right away I knew something was wrong….

He looked over the situation and after trying to charge the batteries MORE, said, “try to crank it and I will tap it with a steel bar.”  It didn’t work for him either.

Finally he said,  “YOU need a new starter. I can have a man here at 7am to pull it, find a new one and install it.”

Of course that was not what we wanted to hear, but better here than on the road somewhere. So I am posting this, BELIEVING a new starter will be aboard and we can start northward….

Life is still good…..
final update before publishing: I found the service on the net. One comment the person would not reccommend them to change a hat.  The other praised them to high heaven. (I just hope the praiser was not the mama! HAHA)

presently it is about 9am, no mech, no word. Called Roas service they said the man was gettin the starter and would be here by 9:30.  

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Glenda said...

Agree it's good you get that starter before you're on the road. Hope all goes well, bon voyage!

betty said...

That is why I always like to leave reviews. If the site has a lot of reviews and the same thing keeps being mentioned like "doesn't show up on time" "charged more than the estimate" etc., then you know its a problem you don't want to be stuck with and I move on to a different restaurant, service, etc.

I hope in your case it was just that the guy was running late getting what he needed and that by now someone has shown up and is getting the work done. At least it didn't have to be towed some place!

Safe travels! I'm confident you guys will get out of town when you want to. Be safe out there with the holiday traffic.


Mevely317 said...

That's a great point about reviews. (I keep forgetting to do that.) Hopefully y'all weren't between a rock and hard place, and theirs was the only game in town.
I suppose when all's said and done, it's best to get the bad news out of the way before hitting the road.
Happy trails!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I am interested in knowing if you got to take off or not!?

yaya said...

I have a fabulous mechanic and I recommended him to family and friends. He even stopped at my hubby's office to thank us for all the referrals. Now he's super busy, has hired on help, and it's a waiting list to get in to him...no good deed goes unpunished! Ha! Anyway, I hope your RV is fixed ASAP and you have a fabulous time! Be careful! Enjoy the 4th!

Susan Kane said...

Going on a trip absolutely requires prep. Being the vehicle on the side of the road is absolute misery.

Happy Trails!

Susan Kane said...

Oh, I want to know about the chicken car. You always have some great cars love them.

Lisa said...

Well for starters (no pun intended) you had already told them before he showed up that it had a new battery. I have a bad feeling on this mechanic. I sure hope he surprises you and was right about the starter. Yall need to get on the road! Thats what yall are born to do!

Safe travels

Rick Watson said...

That would almost make me want to go to mechanic school :)
Hope he shows up soon and you get those wheels a’turnin’.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope all is fixed and you are on the road by now. It is good that it happened before you were on the road anyway. Sometimes I think things happen for a reason, but we never know what it is. Have a safe and happy trip!