Monday, July 8, 2019

Virginia in the Rear view mirror

Early interesting Cars:
 1955 Nash Rambler, the first vehicle we camped in. We awoke the first morning with huge dirty bear prints on the car just beside where sherry's head was, as she slept in the car. :-O

But for today:
Above is the lake where we were camped. We leave today for Pennsylvania. Had an alert for local flooding. We hope it doesn’t affect us.
This morning before church here:

 We did not know services times. We left early to make sure.  With an hour before worship, we drove around.

It is always nice to run across an antique. This one a 1948 Plymouth.

Lots of clean well kept places  and beautiful landscape.

   Unique out buildings always get my attention. I think these are different designs of Tobacco barns:

 No tobacco in these fields, but young corn
 Apple tree loaded if I were 9-10 years old, I would leave with two pockets full of green apples.

 Loved this road (no center line) lined with huge bales

Next entry will be from Pennsylvania we hope.  We plan to cross the Shenandoah’s. Seeing that crossing will bring back lots of memories. Doing the AT, we hiked the full length of them.
Thanks for reading this stuff, this life is addictive (if you can keep the coach running!!!)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, we too had flood warnings in our area, but it's not everywhere. Sort of hit or miss as rain wasn't everywhere. Take care on the road and enjoy the view!

Mevely317 said...

Seeing that bear's paw print had to have been enormously unsettling! Such beautiful scenery you're privy to. Safe travels!

Glenda said...

Y'all got some wonderful pics, gorgeous farm buildings. Hope the rain doesn't cause delays; it's been daily thunderstorms here and we've got them already today (1 p.m.) and the forecast for the week is for every single day. Summer in Florida - hot and wet!

Chatty Crone said...

Wonderful trip and wonderful memories. I wonder if that corn has any residual tobacco??? lol

Jean said...

A pretty place for sure glad you and Sherry is having a wonderful time. We need rain down here it's getting so hot and dry with temps in the 100's I'm staying in to stay cool. Y'all take care, Jean.

betty said...

Do your best to keep the coach running because I'm enjoying the sights you are showing us along the way! What a pretty place by that lake! Sounding like you both are enjoying your time together and being on the open road once again!


Lisa said...

Oh what a cute little church. It looks so inviting. Hope you enjoyed it.

Love from here