Sunday, February 2, 2020

What happened to Sunday?

The Church Bus

For today:
In the early years of our country 1492 up to the 1960s methinks, Sunday was a day of REST. Farmers did only the necessary chores feeding and watering the farm animals.

Working dads and moms used the DAY Of REST.  Us church folk attended church services, some two services. Since my dad was a preacher he worked Sunday. In most all families the mamas worked Sunday too, some had dinner prepared after fixing breakfast, before morning church services and Sunday dinner was notorious for GREAT food. Then the mama fixed supper.  But at least most older folk had a chance for a nap on Sunday after noon.

It was sort of ‘free time’ for kids to leisurely play, maybe even baseball, explore or just sit around and talk. Many games were played. There was Tag, hide and seek, Red Rover maybe even getting to the creek for a swim.

If anyone needed groceries they were out of luck on Sunday, grocery stores, dry goods and hardware stores did not open on Sundays. Very few gas stations did.

BUT now in our world, there is not much difference in Sunday and other days.  Our weeks are so filled, we catch up on Sunday.  Organized Kids sports are even scheduled, that further ties up mom and dad.  Any shopping can be done. With many men it is time to work on the car, working 40-50 hours a week doesn’t leave much time.

Oh yes, and for many, Sunday is the only day they have to play with the big people’s toys we have worked so hard to buy. That boat, dirt bike, 4 wheeler, snow mobile, mudder truck or camper (to name a few) demands attention.

With things so bad in Europe in WWII it seemed to some that no prayers were answered. To rephrase a line by the underground leader in ‘A Bridge too Far’.God is gone, and I miss HIM…. Sunday, the day of rest, is gone, and I miss it.

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Susie said...

Jack, You are so right. I remember those quieter, slower Sundays. When I retired my calendar became 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday. But they all seem to be Mondays anymore. LOL Take care and go ahead and rest on Sunday. Blessings to you and Sherry, xoxo, Susie

Chatty Crone said...

I remember those days! Just got back from church, but I am going to Walmart!

Jean said...

Yep, I can remember those days and our mothers never had a rest day, with cooking three meals and cleaning up. My mother did most of the cooking but when us girls were old enough we did the cleaning up. I think now I get to much rest. I'm doing well after my heart valve surgery I'm up and around doing what I can in the house. Hope when it warms up I can get out and do what needs to be done outside. I've been hiring my house cleaned now for a few months after my doctors appointment the tenth I'm hoping to start doing it myself. You and Sherry take care, Jean.

Mevely317 said...

Great reflections! Well, save Sunday dinner. Being the 3 of us, that meal was usually consumed at the Furr's Cafeteria in Santa Fe … then hustle home so my father could put on his uniform and be at work by 3.

Remember Sunday Blue laws? When my son was a baby most bottles were glass. Tough luck when the last bottle was broken on Saturday night or Sunday. Milk could be purchased on Sunday (food) but bottles could not. All the grocery stores had non-food items roped off.

Lisa said...

Oh I remember Sundays were a fun day. Nothing was open and home cooked meals were on the table after church.
The neighborhood kids would meet in the field for a game of rolly bat or kick ball.

Times have changed

betty said...

Oh my gosh; I read Myra's comment and I ate at that Furr's Cafeteria in Santa Fe when we lived there :)

I do remember a quieter Sunday. I have to get back to it but a few years back I tried not to do any work on Sundays; no laundry, etc., and didn't even go to the store that day. We need a day of rest; God ordained it because he knew we needed it. I always appreciate the stores/restaurants here that don't open on Sundays. Plenty of other days to get the work done!


Glenda said...

This post brings back many memories; we grew up with the knowledge that Sunday was a day of rest with rare exceptions. My Dad would quote Matthew and Luke in the New Testament. "And Jesus answered them, saying, Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the Sabbath day?" [I think he just enjoyed hearing us kids laugh because he said "ass"]. However, many times we were late to church because he let us ten kids, piled on top of each other wait in the car because he would never pass a car or truck disabled, flat tire? He'd help change it but, in the ditch, he'd get 'em out. Anyone who whined got a spanking. When he passed away, my sisters asked me to help with a verse for his headstone, the Veteran's administration pays for it and they limit number of characters. We chose as his epitaph "EVERYONE CAN HELP SOMEONE". Nuff said.

Rick Watson said...

We usually kick back on the farm and take long naps on most Sundays.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sunday's are still a day of rest for me. I figure life is what you make it and I need a day of rest to get me through another week. I usually cook on Saturday so pn Sunday all I have to do is warm it up. I always go to church unless bad weather or car trouble keeps me away. A Sunday welll spend brings a week of content.