Thursday, December 22, 2022

Appalachian Trail, the beginning

 One of a Kind:

The three story RV, yep it really is! Notice the Christmas tree.

(No low overpasses for this dude!)

For today:

Sherry & I enjoy nature hikes in the area we are happen to be in at the time. Once in Alaska boon-docking in open land, sitting around the camp fire with our RV buddies Kat and Dick.  Sherry said, “Jack, look at this map, there is a big lake close by, let’s go find it.” WE started out after an hour or so we found it. Enjoyed the area and headed back. “Do you know what time it is?” She stated in a surprised voice.  “It is 1 AM!”  It was daylight around the clock and we had not even paid any attention it was late when we left the campers.

One other time we were camping in a State Park called Standing Indian, Western NC. We decided to climb the mountain to find the stone that is supposed to appear like a Standing Indian. WE found a good trail at the top and continued to walk. I wasn’t paying too much attention, I did see her talking to a couple hikers.  WE went back down the mountain, I don’t remember finding the Indian. That night she said, “Those hikers were walking from Georgia and headed for Maine! I couldn’t believe it. WE SHOULD DO THAT!”

“Are you Crazy?”

“NO, we could do it!” She said.

I looked at her for a spell. Thinking 'She followed me many places without complaint,' “Okay baby, let’s look into it.”

The next day we went to the Library in Franklin, NC. The Librarian was a young girl; when asked about the AT, she got excited. Telling us about the Appalachian Trail. In a little while she said, “Bill Bryson has a best seller out called “A Walk in the Woods” you must read it, it is great.

(look at my girl's pack! This is atop Blood Mountain, Georgia)

We bought it and both read it.  That started our Quest to backpack from Georgia to Maine.

(This is overlooking 'God's Thumb Print in Virginia we were in a light cloud)

After a rough start, we hiked over 1900 miles on the AT. Met some wonderful people and had a ball. WE started in our early 60’s and hiked several summers until we were near 70.  Now 14 yrs later, at 84 years old,  I would like to do it all in one year. I have her blessings, with a little doubt methinks. LOL  At times, it might be crazy to dream….


(Sherry in Rocksilvania (Pennsylvania) where they say boots go to die!)




yaya said...

You always amaze me! You two can do anything you put your minds too. These days are a bit crazier than the ones you hiked that trail 20yrs ago so please be careful if you decide to go for it. I loved the pics you shared. Sherry sure could handle her own stuff and smile while doing it! No wonder you both are in good health in your 80's. I looked at your pic and saw those muscles in your arms and thought "Wow, look at those guns!" Ha! Have a good day and stay warm as I know it's chilly all over not just here in Ohio. We got about 4in of snow this morning that covers the ice on the streets. Nobody is out today with the wind, cold, snow and ice!

Woody said...

Some where I have a Picture of me on the AP ! I hiked it mind you for roughly a couple hundred feet, turned around and followed the white Trail Blazes back to where My Honey was waiting for me ! That was the extent of my AT Hiking !
It was 48 degrees and light rain this morning at 10AM< now it is 32 degrees, wind is Howling and Blowing Snow, Hang on Toto, We arn't in Kansas any more ! Sending down Warm Christmas Wishs and stay safe and sound !,, Love from the North, Gary and Anna Mae !

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for recounting your AT beginnings. I telling Tom last evening about your adventures, but was fuzzy on the early details.
Crazy? Some of the best people are!

Love from chilly Bama!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You both are an inspiration to us all. Thank you so much for going on those walks and for telling us about them. Many are walking with you vicariously and enjoying your stories and photos.

What a great gift you have in making others wish they were with you.

Best wishes and more from over here to over there with you.

God bless always my friends.

Glenda said...

Oh, wow. Like Mr. Mubarack said! I was reading this and just saw greetings from Sherry pop up! Merry Christmas, I have misplaced my phone.....that hurts :(

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I didn't realize you plan to hike the whole thing again. I thought you were only doing a part you had missed before. Wow that puts a whole different perspective on things. Good luck and a very Merry Christmas to you both!