Saturday, August 29, 2009

Destination Bangor Maine!!!!

Desss-tination Ban-gor Maine!!!!
I remember going to the fair with the grand kids and seeing signs at all the farms and houses near the fair: ‘Parking $5’. Not knowing that much about the Cleveland county fair I kept going. We were directed into ‘Free’ parking much closer than the ones charging.

I must not have learned much, because we went down to the American Folk Festival down town Bangor. We waited in a long line to pay $5 to park. When there was free parking across the street, but the man did give us a free paper, “Bangor Daily News”.

I did something I had never done before. After waiting in line to get Crab cakes and Seafood Chowder we decided to get something else. I decided on Lamb. I have never eaten lamb, that I know of. My girl Sherry got ‘Falafel’. I was happy with mine but she was not a happy camper, until she got the ‘OoeyGooey Brownie’ and a cup of coffee. Then she was happy.

My Lamb was on a Shish-ka-bob They looked so good I could not pass them up.

My girl is not happy that I did not take a picture of the ooey goody peanutbutter brownie! huh?Why is she mad?

I got the sign!
We are not much for festivals. Mostly food places and crafts. Crafts do not excite me anymore. We don’t have room in the motor home plus I don’t see anything I really want.

We walked by the craft shops, then through a dark dirt alley, we came out in front of the worlds largest wooden statue of Paul Bunyan.

Well everyone seemed to be having a good time, Today is another day of the Festival, but it is cold and rainy. We can't even go look at yard sales.
Hope you are having a good day where ever you are.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
I rear-ended a car this morning. So, there we were alongside the road and slowly the other driver got out of his car. You know how sometimes youjust get soooo stressed and little things just seem funny? Yeah, well Icouldn't believe it.... He was a DWARF!!!
He stormed over to my car, looked up at me, and shouted, "I AM NOT HAPPY!!!"
So, I looked down at him and said, "Well, then which one are you?"
And then the fight started......


shirl72 said...

Festivals are not my thing, but I go sometime.
I think being young is when they excite you.
It always looks everybody is having such a good time. I ask myself, what is my problem. Then I think I guess I have been there and done that and maybe getting older as you found something older than me.


betty said...

those lamb skis-ka-bobs look delicious! I would have wanted the brownie too Sherry; sounds delicious!! maybe it was a good thing Jack didn't get a picture of it and post it here; would have made everyone hungry

I enjoy festivals every once in awhile; mainly to people watch and to look at the arts and crafts and realize how so many more people are more talented than me

I'll send some 104 degree weather your way, watch out for it


Bookncoffee said...

Ohhhhhh my did you offend the dwarf? Shame on you. But that is funny. ha.
Ok. That lamb shish-ka-bob looked and sounded Gooooood. (Said with Andy Griffith tone). lol That festival looked like something George and I would enjoy. We went to the fair today. You all take care. How's the weather up there? Cold yet?
80's here.

robert said...

One could nearly smell the 'good time' everyone had/has there.
Grateful that you invite every evening to be part of your adventure. Please have a nice weekend and always a safe drive.

Melanie said...

Pass on the lamb.....dont understand how something that looks soooooo good can taste that
no one was hurt i hope?


Paula said...

I would like to go to more festivals but my feet and ankles hurt too much. Every small town around has one. What is the difference in a dwarf and a midget? I don't know thats why I'm asking you. I have a cousin who is one or the other. I forget which.

Monae said...

Hi !!! I am new to you Shipslog I really liked reading it. I had a really nice Saturday with my family. I want to thank you for allowing me to visit. Have a nice weekend and take care.


Lucy said...

I mentioned once before that the State fair that has been here for 140 years, will be moved by this time next year. The University wanted the land the fair sits on and what the university of Ne. wants, it gets. We don't go any more because like Paula my feet does not like that punishment any more. So they are making a big whoop ti do about the fair that is going on now since it is the last. It is moving a hundred miles away to Grand Island. I know change must happen but the Uni. is spreading north and south and east and west and soon it will swallow neighburhoods.Just torques my gizzard.

Anonymous said...

Growing up with Mary Had a Little Lamb, I am all kinds of offended by your food choice(not really).

Haaaaa on the "I am not happy!"