Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reading for pleasure

I waited many years to start reading for pleasure. I bought a Tom Clancy book, a BIG one. The title was ‘Executive Orders’. I fell in love with recreational reading. Up until that time I read work associated manuals and books.


I look back and admire folks who learned the secret of BOOKS early. There is some advantage to starting late, you have all those books to read that have been published during your life time.


(Robert Parker, who originated, Spenser, with an ‘s’, remember the TV series ‘Spenser for Hire’, funny no one had a Boston accent in the series. Robert passed away earlier this year, it was a shock!)


Of course Tom became a favorite of mine and I branched out. I hit some very good books just by accident and was getting the idea that I would love every book. But then I hit a few in a row that did not hold my interest. I don’t know if I am odd or different, but after reading a couple chapters, I am not intrigued, I drop the book. There are too many good books to WORK thru a book.


(Jack Higgins, above)

Most of our books come from flea markets or yard sales. We have bought several new books, but mostly they are used. In Florida you run into used books brought down from Canada. The authors are from Great Britain a lot of times, and I really like some of them. As a matter of fact, Jack Higgins, is one of my special authors. I have read 47-50 of his books. I grab everyone I can get my hands on.


(I told Sherry I would consider myself a success it I found one of my books at a yard sale, I did see a used one for sale on the net, that was encouraging. hahaha!)

Jeffery Archer, David Baldacci, Tom Clancy, Mary Clark, Robin Cook, Clive Cussler, Ken Follett, JOHN GRISHAM, Tami Hoag, Jonathan Kellerman, L’Amour, Ludlum,

Mitchner, O’shaughnessy, Robert Parker, James Patterson, L. Sanders, Sidney Sheldon and Scott Turow are my favorites. I have listed only the ones I have read of 10 of their books.

Every once in awhile I like Stephen King and Koontz. Both are spell binding writers.

Lately I haven’t read a lot, maybe a book a week. I am not writing either. I have a couple ideas put down but nothing firm. I can do no writing when we are steady on the road or at home. I can’t concentrate and you must to write.

I stepped on a nail yesterday, the first time that one has done any damage in 20-30 years. IT HURTS! Hahahahaha.


(Mama used to take the jug of kerosene off the stove and pour some to soak my foot in)

Take care and thanks for coming by the log.

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Practice safe eating - always use condiments.

(Fresh from the internet, GrandsonElsieMae November30 Josh is in Utah on business and stopped by to see this little lady who is making a scary face at him. Her dad Ben is holding her)

In case you do not know that is MY (OUR) Great Grand daughter.


shirl72 said...

Sorry about you stepping on the nail and you
were not even building a house. Get thicker soles on your shoes. Hope you had your shots.
You and Sherry passed me on all the reading you
do. I love to read but when I sit down I think
of things that need to be done. Busy, Busy, Busy.


Cher' Shots said...

In our family room we have a 'library' filled with a combo of authors and a lot of HISTORY books. Thom is a history nut - it's not a bad thing. And OUCH to that nail puncture. Have you had a tetnus shot lately... just watch it close!
'hugs from afar'

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hope your foot is feeling less painful ~
I love a good book but have been listening to books just lately no reason just nice to sit back and listen to someone reading for you :O) ~ Ally x

~mel said...

Elsie is such a little sweetpea ~ even when she's making a scary face!

I too have a love of reading ~ but it seems since I got my computer; I do less of it. I used to visit the library weekly ~ now I'm lucky if I go there once a year. I still read though... like you ~ many of my books come second hand... with the exception of my prized book signed and autographed by yours truly!!

Have you ever checked out the website You can really get some great deals on there for used books. I've bought books off of there on numerous occasions.

Ouch to the foot ... now I suppose you're using it as an excuse to be waited on hand and foot. ha! *note to Sherry ~ he's still got one good leg to stand on ~ don't fall for the "oh poor me" act. And Jack... go get a tetnus shot if you haven't had one for awhile. We can't have you getting infection in that. Kerosene... ohhhh I bet that would burn. Probably make you forget about the original pain.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I saw a lot of my favorite authors in your list today. Reading is definitely one thing I couldn't do without. Preparations for Christmas are slowing me down on that front right now but after the holidays I'll be catching up. I hope your Tetanus shot is up to date. Nails are not a good thing to step on at all. Your little great grand there is adorable and she looks so happy too! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sheila Y said...

I feel your pain, I remember the nail I stepped on when I was 5. I also stepped on a small rusty tack nail when I was a little older and was sure I would get lock-jaw. I kept going to the bathroom to check in the mirror...haha. Needless to say, I didn't catch it... :) Take care, Sheila

betty said...

ouch with the nail! hope your tetanus shot is up to date! You like a great variety of writers! I've read a few of them, hubby likes Tom Clancy's books and Clive Cussler. I'm with you, if a book is not going to hold my interest after the first few chapters, I usually move on to something else. That's why I love the library or books gotten at garage sales for 25 cents. If you don't like them, you haven't spent an arm and a leg on them!


Lindie said...

I recognized most of your favorite authors. Right now I have about 19 books checked out from the library. I love the online libraries where I can "order" my books and just go pick them up. A few are audio for the car but most are just readers. As soon as my library has the capability to upload books to a Nook, I will buy one. Just for traveling. My suitcase gets heavy!!

Dar said...

GET a TETANUS SHOT...every 7 yrs., now, they say. Bill stepped on a nail one spring, next morning he had blood poisoning blue line up to his knee. He had a 3 day hospital stay, and another week in the lawn chair watching me put a field of clover in. Take care.
I love to read too when I get a moment to myself. I recently read a couple of the best reads in a long time., hmmm, I can't recall the author but I remember what he looked like...all handsome and so in love with his lady. One of my GrandLoves calls him MagicJack.

Sheila Y said...

Oh yeah, I will usually stick with a book, even if it starts off slow. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get into. I do remember one that I stopped, but I may try it again one day. Have a great weekend, Sheila