Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some things just stick in my mind.

"Without pleasure man would live like a fool and soon die." - Pierre de Beaumarchais
From Bucko’s blog(Thanks Ken).
That has been running around in my head. 
There are several blogs that use famous and infamous quotes.  Some use quotes that I have never read, and then there are some who are wise enough to come up with a statement that is so good, it will be quoted. I have a file called Logthegoodstuff. When I read something that strikes me I copy and paste it.  Such as:
… quote:
The problems we face today are there
because the people who work for a living
are outnumbered by those who vote for a
(I pasted that one and did not see any name it was attributed to, but I like it.)
I guess that is why I like the  book of Proverbs in the Bible. The Proverbs are not only considered scripture, but are good logic and wisdom even for someone who does not accept it as the Word of God.
Someone told my mama that the Proverbs said, “Every pot must sit on its own bottom”. LOL. Well basically it is there, but not in those words.
From Ma’s blog sometime in the past (partial list)
(Thanks in advance MA!).
Letting go is easy……….. Hanging on is hard.
Pride is easy……………… Humility is hard.
Excusing oneself is easy…….. Excusing others is hard.
Borrowing is easy…… Paying back is hard.
Sex is easy….. Love is hard.
Naughty is easy……….. Nice is hard.
Going along is easy……… Walking alone is hard.
War is easy………………….. Peace is hard.
Sarcasm is easy……………. Sincerity is hard.
Growing weeds is easy…. Growing flowers is hard.
Can’t do is easy…………….. Can do is hard.
Feasting is easy………………. Fasting is hard.
Following is easy…………… Leading is hard.
Having friend is easy……. Being a friend is hard.
Dying is easy……….. Living is hard.
Mile by mile, life's a trial.
Yard by yard, life is hard.
But inch by inch, life's a cinch!
Everyone of us hit a low spot at times, and need a Word to get us out. There are times I may want the Bible, and other time just want an honest person’s support. Sherry is ALWAYS my support, but I do miss a man’s support at times, and she misses her sister’s support.
Fortunately down here in the winter we have Don & Evelyn.
For years Sonny was my ‘man’s shoulder’ to cry on, or sounding board.  You don’t get over that when it is gone. I had others, Jim, Dick, Dad & Howard. Reconnecting with Buddy and having Tuck, who are there, but not HERE
Sonny was always HERE, LOL! Sonny would say things like I listed above from MA’s blog. Short and to the point.
I didn’t mean to go on so long, but I wanted to ask, what is your favorite saying, proverb or thought that get’s you over the HUMP!??
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
 Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
bentley 1952 Mark VI
1952 Bentley
Not bragging but this is Sherry's Great grand daughter at 7 weeks, STELLA MC GEE.  Sherry says she already knows her ABC's, plays the piano and quotes Shakespear. She has audicioned for several parts on Broadway and signed with MGM. But she ain't bragging! LOL


betty said...

Stella is so cute and so smart!! And for only 7 weeks old, she holds up her head pretty darn well!! It is good to have a good friend who is not afraid to speak their mind and give you good advice especially if you are going down the wrong road. It is hard when to move away from the friend or to have the friend pass :(

Love the book of proverbs. So full of good advice, a lot of advice about holding the tongue and being careful with words spoken.


momto8 said...

i love your quotes and perspectives!!! and how cool you live in a motor home...lucky you!! our family of 10 rented one for 2 1/2 wks last yr for our summer vacation....we are hooked!!! it was so fun ...someday when our kids are grown we will hopefully be traveling like you.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As you know I have lots of favorite quotes. We can learn a lot from others wise words. Sometimes the book of Proverbs is like opening a book for life. I look there for a lot of advice when I need it. The great granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous . Babies are so precious. Hope your Saturday is a great one there...cold and wet here, but I've been busy all day inside so that is just fine.

Anonymous said...

great !

please have a good new month and week ahead.

Louis la Vache said...

Ah! A Bentley when it shared its body with Rolls-Royce!
Now they are owned by Volkswagen (1998 purchase) and Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW. The German auto industry succeeded where Hitler failed in conquering England!

Paula said...

The great grand baby is sooo cute.

shirl72 said...

Stella is a cute baby...

MY QUOTES "GOD"S places His
Lighthouse within you". "GOD's
Lighthouse penetrates the deepest
part of your heart with truth,
love and Life". GOD's Light never
dims or flickers".



LOVE all the quotes. I do a daily cogitation on Twitter. I'm taryterre1 if you want to see them. STELLA is the prettiest little thing. Just TOO cute for words. A star, indeed. Shining brightly for her family. ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

That Stella!
I believe everything said about her - she just has that "knowing" look about her.