Monday, November 4, 2013


I posted this on an earlier post:

fix it 3

Thinking is  using your imagination. My son who was in the construction business with me, could NEVER understand why I was always looking for a better way to complete a task. It  comes natural to me. BUT the things I have done are small things. I am not a BIG thinker, I wish I were.

On Cher’s blog she had a picture of a pumpkin pie. The crust was leaves of dough and a few scattered on the face of the pie. That shows someone (the originator) thinking.

Orson Wells wrote of a time when ‘Big Brother’ could be watching you. What an imagination, long before its time, All of a sudden we see NSA!  The writer of Dick Tracy, how silly, a small telephone with no phone lines. He even wore it on his wrist!

I was never a Trecky(Star Trek) fan, but now the idea is not so far out, is it?

The Flying car?  Rocketman?  Cameras with no film!

Civilian Space flights!  Now there is an idea. We could never afford it, if I could I would go, but Sherry would refuse!

Imagination in captions for pictures, I love it when someone can verbalize a scene (We have several here on the blogger. As a matter of fact most of you do it well that post pictures):

I told you so!mj IN THEMAILtruth22

What things strain you imagination?  What thinkers do you admire?

How many times in your life have you said, “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?”

Some thinkers ideas fall on their faces, but they cannot stop thinking and imagining.  That is GOOD!

Life is good. Lets keep it that way….

Nite Shipslog


At first I thought this was a good idea, but……..  it is not as good in writing as it was in my mind.  hahahaha

“The scooter lady” and “Ken” posts some that make you think….


Even a mis-thought sometimes becomes a collectors item:

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Chatty Crone said...

Why didn't I think of POST A NOTES?

Dang they are so simple and I used them all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

And whiteout.


shirl72 said...

I am always trying to think of a
simple way to complete a task.
My mind works overtime. The Isetta
is like ours except our was a canary yellow beautiful little car.

Glenda said...

And my imagination goes crazy when I find a house that begs to be made a home. Every place I've lived, whether renting or buying has been a project of making a 'silk purse from a sow's ear''s the challenge of visualizing what CAN be from what is. Perhaps it comes from growing up in a ramshackle old home that inspired me? Remember one time that Mom stayed in FL when we drove down from MO for a visit and I combined all the old cans of paint that were sitting around, and painted the kitchen cabinets ~ the ugliest shade of green ever seen. OMG, that's one attempt that sort of backfired as she wasn't so happy when she got home:)

betty said...

I'm always saying we just have to come up with that one simple invention that everyone needs/uses (like Sandie said with post-it notes) and we would be rich. Unfortunately, haven't come up with that yet, LOL. It is amazing what we thought was science fiction in shows of long ago are now actually coming to be fact.


Jean said...

I've been sitting here what seems like hours downloading windows8.1. Did it help? Not sure it looks about the same as windows8 and I'm to tired and sleepy now to fool with it. I went and hope my cousin pick up pecans this afternoon and bought 19 lbs from her had them cracked now getting Grover to pick them out. You and Sherry take care. jean


I'd love to go on civilian space flight. What an adventure, for sure. Thanks for the shout out for scooter lady rides again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am good at using others ideas and have often thought why didn't I think of that one...I'm reading all you entries. Alerts about new posts are confusing. I know that mine don't always show up when I make them.