Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lime Sherbet

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The lower ranking Seaman aboard ship must pull ‘mess duty’ (In the Army that is KP), The new Seaman will fill the drink containers with Grape and Orange drink, because they like it. (Actually the sailors affectionately call it the flavored drinks, bug Juice.). There are 5000 sailors on an Aircraft Carrier and they drink a lot of bug juice. They drink up gallons of Grape and Lemon (cool-aid).  Soon the kid learns if he fills the containers with lime flavor, the usage slows down, and reduces his workload.

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Grocery shopping the other day I picked up some ‘rainbow sherbet’. Lime, Raspberry and Orange flavors.

But first Task schedules: Son Mark and I worked together for many years. I am one who tends to do the dreaded jobs first.  Son Mark is opposite, he puts off the dreaded jobs until the end. He always gets them done, but they are last.

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Also If I am painting or siding a house, I want to do the back and sides first and save the front for last. Mark must do the front first because it tends to give the impression that you are through, when if fact you have just begun the job.  Winking smile 

Now that rainbow sherbet, of the three flavors, what am I eating first, LIME. I do not DISlike lime, it is just my last choice of fruit flavors. I am gonna really enjoy the orange and Raspberry when I get to it.

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If you have a choice in tasks scheduled, do you have a preference?

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Above is the Kaiser. It was a pretty tough car, but did not hang around long, 1947-1955



betty said...

Now I want sherbet :)

I'm like you, Jack, I want to do the dreaded jobs first and get them out of the way. I would do that in school; when it was time to do an oral report (which I hated) and the teacher asked for volunteers to go first, I always wanted to go first; get it out of the way and then I could enjoy the other students' presentations.


Unknown said...

I was always told that if you eat the best first, you always have the best (at least, the best of what's left).
On dreaded tasks, I sometimes do them first, sometimes I keep putting them off until the very end. Sometimes I have to have a few successes with the easier things to get the inertia for the harder things.

Lisa said...

Im like your son. Id rather do the front first because its the most seen, HOWEVER, You can easily get comfortable with a half done job if you get an attitude that "Eh the rest can wait, who sees it anyway?" We still have many unfinished task but that leads me back to the way you think, Get the bad done first then you can enjoy the rest.

I hate lime.

Paula said...

I agree bad jobs first then you can enjoy your work more. Why eat Sherbet when you can have chocolate? I'll bet Sherry understands that.

Rick Watson said...

I like to eat sherbet while I'm putting on siding. I don't care which kind cause I love them all.

Mevely317 said...

I never thought about it this way! If I can't foist the 'awful' jobs off on someone else, 'suppose I'll take them on first and be done with it.

PS - I hadn't heard of 'bug juice' since summer camp in '62!

shirl72 said...

I like to do the hard jobs first then you can sail along on the easy
ones and enjoy finishing the job. I like Sherbet because it has less calories. The Sherbet melted on my computer not it is orange, green
and wine.