Monday, March 13, 2017


 I'm usually such a baby.

But I made it through one more time change with little or no trouble. Sorta like mama said, “Cutting six inches off the top of the sheet and adding it to the bottom, you still have the same size sheet, but had extra work.

I understand Germany was the first to dream up and use Day light savings time.  Funny I forget other countries have some of the same problems, namely, GOVERNMENT.

Of course many folk like the change, personally I am not crazy about it. When on a USN ship and head across the Atlantic to Europe you gain time. The ships always arrange the time change at 0300. So you are walking lower deck patrol, You start at midnight and you get off watch at O400. All goes well but it gets to 3am and all of a sudden it is 2am and you have two more hours on duty instead of one.

Of course on the return voyage, the person on watch sees 0300 come up, and magically it is 0400 and time to get off. (Usually it ain’t the one who lost the hour going over!)

BUT if you are sleeping you just lost an hour of sleep!
It just ‘ain’t no fun’ when folks play with your time, like it was theirs..  LOL
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 1915 Ford Runabout


Paula said...

I like what your Mama said. I have never liked the time change and I personally don't know anyone who does. I wouldn't mind either one if they would just let it be.

betty said...

I did hear that there are a lot of heart attacks that occur when the time is moved forward. It is hard on the body I do believe to adjust. Going backward is a bit gentler but still wrecks havoc on people's schedule. And that is why Myra and me don't have to worry about it in Arizona. We may have that dreaded heat, but no changing of the clocks :) Just have to remember we are now 3 hours behind the east coast and on same time as California :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm not a fan of DST and miss the hour of lost sleep, but do love it when I get that hour back in the fall! Winter made a big comeback in our part of the like a lamb...out like a lion they say !

Chatty Crone said...

How can we get the government to leave it alone - I agree.


I don't mind it one way or another.

Mevely317 said...

I never considered those in maritime - or flight crews, for that matter. Going back and forth - particularly internationally - would have me totally off my rocker. With that in mind, what's a mere 60 minutes? All the more reason to NAP! :)

Lisa said...

I never thought about it. So for those that work 3rd shift, they have to work an extra hour. But the other way around in the Fall.

Ill be thinking about this all night now!

Rick Watson said...

I worked in the AT&T data center that held hundreds of computers. This was in the days before they changed the time programmatically. Back then, every computer had to be shut down and the time adjusted.
These computers were rarely shut down and they often didn't come back up after we shut them down. It was a nightmare.
Now it's just something I whine about for a few days until my body adjusts.

Dar said...

One of our old-timer neighbors, passed now, but he never bothered changing his clocks when he'd just have to do it again in the fall. He was wise. The only reason we change them is so we aren't late for appts. and dinner at the farm.
lol. Similar to what your mamma would say, an old chief once said, cutting the top off a blanket and sewing it to the bottom doesn't make it any longer or shorter.
Happy Days to your week from our northern home to your southern home. Finally, we are due another warming trend. I'll take it.