Friday, March 17, 2017

Sonny Said “just wait 10 years”

When I married my Sherry, I married the whole family. I became part of it. Sherry had two sisters, Lennie and Colette, both loveable sweet ladies. The three girls were close. Lennie was married to Elmer and Colette was married to Sonny. I hit it off with Sonny & Elmer. 
 Elmer and I
                                            Sonny and I
Once I left the military we bought a house one block from Sonny and Colette. Sonny and I became very close. As he got old (60’s) he would say to me, “You won’t be jumping around like that in ten years.”  He was ten years older than I. In his 70’s he said the same. “Ten years more and you will feel your age.” Sonny passed away in his early 80’s. Boy do I miss him. We had a lot in common.
He was a Democrat, I a Republican.
 He was a Union man, I didn’t always approve of Unions.
 He was an expert with the Bow and Arrow, I might could hit a barn.
He was a cabinet maker, I was a rough carpenter.
He lived within a rocks throw of the same place all his life.  I lived in close to 20 different places hundreds and thousands of miles away.
 He liked Ford products I preferred General Motors.
He loved fried hog ears, I never ate them.
 He planted Oak trees around his house that grew to a diameter of 3 feet, most everything I planted died.
So actually, we did have our differences, and they never got in the way of our friendship. Ahhh but for those few things we disagreed on, there were thousands we completely agreed on. Top of the list was he loved and adored his Harris girl and I do mine.  We were both family oriented. 

        One of our many trips together (sherry taking the picture)
For years those girls kept us together. Thanksgiving and Christmas was at Lennie’s and Collette’s houses. Every Wednesday it was Pinto beans, cabbage and cornbread at Lennie’s house.
Lennie was the first sister to pass, then Collette. They were followed by Sonny a few years later.
When Sonny was alive, I have heard him say. I have lost my mind.  His mind was his small note book he carried in his shirt pocket for reminders. Once as he was ‘going down hill’ I stayed with him in the hospital. Most of you know doctors come into the room of a senior and ask the same questions: What day is it, what year, who is the president, etc. Well once after a long night the doctor came in early. He asked Sonny the same things. As the Doctor was leaving, Sonny stopped him, “Doc, them questions, if you would write them answers down you wouldn’t have to ask ‘em every day!”  He was serious.  LOL.
 Near the end, once,  I had the pleasure of staying with him and cleaning him. He apologized at every situation. I would just laugh and joke, “Hey old man, I am doing the work, you just lay there and enjoy it.”
“Jack, if you was a girl, I might!”
All this was brought to mind, because in the last few days, I feel the ten years he talked about!
Ever have a REAL FRIEND that you miss?
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 This 1928 Ford Tudor was born the same year as Sonny!



It's sad when loved ones pass. But the memories always sustain us. You have had some really good times with your family. And are lucky you did. Mine live so far away we seldom get to see each other.

Paula said...

It's so hard to lose friends and other things as we age but I learned in Widowed Person's Support Group there is always someone worse off. I met a lady who had her husband kill himself and she had three young kids to raise alone. I realized I didn't have it so bad. My kids were grown, my house and car was paid for etc.

Lisa said...

I bet the conversations were never boring with you two. I have to sadly say, I dont have a best friend like that. I have a freind that I grew up with. We were always close until I got married. Then we sorta stopped hanging out. We are still friends but rarely see each other but when we do, its like we never been apart. But again, im lucky to see her in person every couple years. We follow each other on Facebook though. Not the same.

Packing the suitcases in Gastonia

Mevely317 said...

What a SWEET share, Jack!
I've often wondered about the seeming indignities our elderly/infirmed have to endure ... and your reply to Sonny was so spot-on. Caregivers (emphasis on CARE) are truly, angels among us.

betty said...

Such a special bond of friendship you shared with Sonny! I guess that adage of opposites attract is true in this case :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your memories are such sweet ones ! My mom used to say if you think you feel bad, just wait till you get my age, I'm not quite there yet, but am feeling every bit of it too.

shirl72 said...

I have lots of friends I miss. As I grow older life changes everyday. I
am glad to have two friends one 90 and one 92.. Jack you know these girls.
They still go shopping and drive...and in charge of Senior Meetings. Both girls have great personalities.

2023 said...

I get caught up on the damn-dest things. I can only think about my greatly loved German Shepherd who devoured pigs ears to the point of possibly bankrupting me.....& he is gone many years. I think he was a Republican...