Friday, April 14, 2017

A little catcvh-up!

It is nice to be aboard the internet.  It is amazing how much we can miss the interaction.  I did not know the post last night went on until today.

Anyway, we are here in NC, parked and have said hello’s to many of our family.

This is one of the cars in the terrible wreck that stopped I-95 yesterday. The other car was on the opposite side of the road and off into the woods. Picture did not take well. I know several lives were messed up, just pray there were no fatalities or very serious injuries.

This was MOST of our trip, clear and mostly uneventful. A great ride with my girl.

(I think I smile every time I read this name in South Carolina)

Backing up, I am always impressed by this bridge East of Jacksonville, FL.

 Here in North Carolina the grass is green, some of the azaleas are still pretty. Some late bloomers not out yet.

And our home is snug in an RV port behind Reece and Stella.

Shirl came over and suggested Dairy Queen for lunch.  We had a good time. Following the food, Shirl drove us by her house to see the azaleas, but I did not have the camera.

Anyway I will have to catch up.

Nite Shipslog

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Lisa said...

Welcome home! Hope you have a womderful Easter weekend. My girl is home again. Tomorrow we plan to visit the farmers market and dye eggs later.

Glad yall made it safe

Paula said...

Glad you're having a good time with family for Easter.

betty said...

Always good to come home to family! Enjoy your time there!



HAVE a HAPPY EASTER with your family. Enjoy!

Dar said...

Eggs are colored, a small bowl of Jelly Bellies for company, and the ham is next. Everything goes to the farm for Easter Sunday brunch with the bunch.
Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones as well.
Hugs from up north where I'm dreaming I could grow azaleas. Love them.

Mevely317 said...

In the end, being home with family must feel wonderful. Happy Easter to you and all you love!