Monday, April 10, 2017

The Wedding and a new young friend, Erin

 So, we attended the wedding of dear friends, sweet seniors. In my opinion these two will have a happy marriage. When you are in your 80’s and NEED someone I am one who hopes you find the ONE.
Before the wedding of Wayne and Joyce, I had a chance to speak to one of the Wayne’s son-in-law’s, Bill. I pulled him aside and told him I was hoping to get there earlier and have a talk to Wayne and suggest birth control, because they do not need to start a new family this late in life. Bill looked at me a little funny then broke out laughing. Said he would text Wayne about that.
After the wedding we met one of Wayne’s Granddaughter-in-laws, Erin. What a beautiful young lady. She has hiked some on the AT and was very interested in talking about the trail. I could remember when we were excited to start and how we wanted all the info we could learn. I went out to the car and retrieved her a copy of my AT book. I picked up three copied of Johnny for Wayne’s daughters. Di was living out of state when I published. I was not familiar with her reading habits. SOOOO I go over to Di’s family table and she was off talking so I sat down beside Bill, and asked, “Bill, does Dianne read?”
“Well Jack, she is doing better, but the long words are a little troubling,” he said just as dead panned as could be.
I am thinking, was there a medical problem I hadn’t heard about that kept her from reading, then I looked across the table and the kids were cracking up. I looked back at Bill and he was laughing, I said, “Bill I have a new knife in my pocket, I could cut you BAD!”  WE all had a good laugh at my expense. Bill is a great guy, but of course I don’t like him anymore! ;-)

 These pictures are atop Blood Mountain, Erin has hiked to and over Blood Mountain in Georgia.

All the children on both sides were at the wedding, even the 99 year old mother of the Bride! Now isn’t that wonderful? She actually made a speech, and invited EVERYONE to visit her because she loved company and didn’t know how much longer she would be around. In closing she said, “I will be a hundred next year, I want to live that long. Then after that I will be ready to leave this old world.” She got a big round of applause!

 (I believe this is the Abol Trail up Katadin Looking down, just after the climb started up!)

 (This is the Northern Terminus, Mt Katadin, in Maine.)
The pictures are for Erin who is anxious to section hike the AT.
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Yep, wrecks have been caused by trees in the wrong place for years.



weddings are always so much fun. good conversation and family friends. glad you all enjoyed yourself.

Paula said...

So neat the mother of the bride was able to attend. Sounds like a lot of fun.

betty said...

Oh how cute with the wedding and the mother of the bride even being there! I do hope she achieves her goal of living to be 100 (and then some). Congrats to the happy couple; I hope they have a long married life ahead of them.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun group. Im sure Erin will enjoy your book.

Rushing off,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Weddings are always wonderful! This one especially so. I love the fact that the brides mother was able to be there ! How great you could also share your books!

Dar said...

It's so wonderful, all of this. Living longer lives is more common it seems. My Grams B, mama's mama, she lived til a month shy of 103 and as sharp as a tack like the mother of the bride. It's a true gift from God.
love n' hugs from up north. We woke to a few inches of snow but already it's nearly gone. Hydration...a good thing also for the earth.
Bill's busy smoking sausages ... another happy project for him. ((()))'s

Mevely317 said...

Oh, that comment to Wayne's SIL about the birth control cracks me up!

A joyous occasion, indeed. I'm so glad you guys were there to give us a first-hand account. Joyce's mother sounds like a hoot!