Monday, April 24, 2017

There are few experts in life or Skills!

Ken Follett wrote a book called, “Pillars of the Earth”.  If I remember right it was centered on stone sculptors. One man who could carve angels out of stone and he was in demand by cathedrals. I was amazed at the story. As I remembered the large edifices I saw in Europe with the many angels adorning the many holy places.  I often have been in wonder at seeing the results of real craftsmen.

For many years on Highway 27, Mt. Holly, NC there sits ‘Hansel’s front end alignment shop’. I went with my dad once to get his car aligned. Dad said to me, “If you ever need a car aligned, this man is THE professional. His work is as perfect as you can get.”

For years Mr. Hansel aligned my old cars when it was needed. A very pleasant man and easy to know (I THOUGHT). 

Once downtown Mt. Holly, NC was hosting a festival, lots of booths and crafts. I wandered upon some intricate stone sculpts. These were perfect. Forms of many kinds. Interlocking rocks and Busts. Perfect busts of presidents and some I didn’t know. Back in the shed was Mr. Hansel working on something in stone. You could have floored me.

Later I learned his works are famous and in many museums. A humble man, all I had seen was a man in over-hauls working in a pit, aligning cars.  Another lesson in life, to me. Words of my brother rang in my head, “One never knows, does one?”

Most of us are average. We have accomplished as much, some more, than classmates growing up. Some accomplishments at times are mind blowing. But mostly we all are run of the mill folk who put in the extra effort and hours to succeed in whatever area of life we chose. At times that extra effort, maybe a gamble or two and the extra hours have paid off.

In reference to last night’s blog about wood. I didn’t mean to say I was an expert, the love of woodworking doesn’t make you GOOD, but it makes you try to do well.  Just as any other field. Sure I would love to create hand carvings that were world-famous. I would like to have a National Darnell’s Homes Corp. I would like to have a NY Times Best seller. 

But I am comfortable where I sit, I love being here beside my girl in a warm Motor home as she dozes playing games on her computer.  Sure fantasies are great, dreaming (and doing) has made us very comfortable and happy. I love life. I would love to be an expert in life, but I will settle for HAPPY.

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PS: I especially enjoyed ALL last night’s comments.

To someone, this is a work of art, but it is just strange to most.



Fascinating about Mr. Hansel. one never knows it's true. truth is being happy is really the most important thing, after all.

betty said...

Mr. Hansel was a humble man. He could have "flaunted" his skills, but he chose just to create his sculptures and do the other work with cars he wanted to do, all without raising any bit of a fuss. Others would have announced it on "social media" their talents and achievements and where their sculptures were on display. Happy is a great state of mind to have and definitely one of the best states of mind to be in :)


Paula said...

Maybe you're not an expert in wood but you know a lot and that's important in building. Like this post.

Lisa said...

So many people have hidden talents. You are one that suprises me with all the things you can do. But you are right. Id rather be just a comfortable "good" Instead of a professional.

My hidden talent is how well I can the car....with the windows up.

Later Gater

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They say art is in the eye of the true...each sees something beautiful differently. Enjoying what you have is the best way to live. We may want more, but you have a good life...who really needs more than that !

Jimmy said...

People do have hidden talents and we only see one side of a person in most instances, like Mr. Hansel you were only familiar with him through his alignment business, I wonder how many people never knew he worked on cars?

Like you I enjoy woodworking, not necessarily good at it but love doing it.

Mevely317 said...

What a great feeling to have discovered Mr. Hansel's passion. I recall, years ago when the 'illegal immigrants' situation began to dominate center stage ... I was informed by someone in HR, one of our company's landscapers was, in fact, a doctor in Mexico.
I don't recall whatever happened to him; but, in the end, I hope he could say at the end of the day, he was happy.

shirl72 said...

I see beauty in wood and rocks. I have a few talents and enjoy singing.
I enjoyed singing the solo parts in our school plays..I still sing in Church.
Our Family was blessed with different talents.