Sunday, April 16, 2017

Finally hits me, we lost too many good friends while we were gone

(This is Springtime but the autumn of my life)
Life is catching up and passing me.  I see it all around me and wonder if I can keep up. While we were gone this past winter, we lost the neighbor across the street.  Evelyn lived with her son, Bobby. Bobby works nights but we finally caught up with him, to tell him how sorry we were for Evelyn's passing and to give him our sympathy card.

Having been thru more deaths than we like to think about, we know finances are strained during that time. WE very seldom send flowers anymore, but give a check or cash, In Lieu Of Flowers, along with a note to use this in any way you see fit. You that have been thru this know the parking fees, and meals taken in a hospital as life slowly leaves some loved one’s frail frame. Then the days of work missed and the funeral costs themselves drain some families.

Bobby said the morning of his mom’s passing they talked and he asked if she wanted him to bring her breakfast from a local restaurant after he ate.  She said, “No, I am going to McDonald's and meet up with some seniors and I will get something then.”

He said when he returned home later he was surprised to see her car still home. Inside the house he found her lying on the floor and could not be revived.  He said, “That is the way she would have wanted to go. With NO LONG stay in a hospital.”

We also lost a former class mate, Joann (She was also friend Mary Ann’s sister), good longtime friend Pauline. We lost Michael who was much younger and remembered him as a kid. Oh, and then Randy who was older and left his wife of over 70 years.

These were close friends in just a short period. I am not being morbid, just reminding myself, life on the planet is never forever.

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Paula said...

A really good idea of giving a check for anything they see fit. I think I will start doing that. I have not been in to flowers in a long while. They don't last and are to me just a show for other people. You and Sherry are very wise.

betty said...

I like the idea of sending a check to the loved ones for those added expenses that seem to add up during this sad time in their family's life. I too don't send flowers but will make a contribution to an agency if listed.

Death, unfortunately, is the "natural" outcome of all of us that are born. The minute we breathe our first breath we are given a life sentence. Some have longer ones that others. The hope is, and THANKFULLY there is hope, is that Jesus conquered death and is victorious over the grave. Those who believe will spend eternity with him. It really doesn't get any better than that, though sadly those of us left behind do mourn those of us who passed before us.


Lisa said...

This breaks my heart for you and Sherry. Im sorry to hear you have lost some dear friends.
Yall are such sweet and kind people. The sympothy card is sweet. Yes I agree, money is needed more in times like this. Flowers are pretty but it prolongs mourning when they are sitting in the window.

We are not promised tomorrow so enjoy today.

Dar said...

In your previous post, I totally agree with and admire your sister Shirl and her love and admiration of her genius brother. She's very proud of you as it should be.
As for loosing loved ones, it is so difficult but if we ' believe ' we WILL see them again as God has promised. As human nature predicts, tho, my sorrow for your loss of so many friends dear to your hearts.
Love n' hugs from up north where we had a wonderful Easter Sunday at the farm with Mom, sisters, brothers and so many grandloves and niece n' nephew loves.

shirl72 said...

I do miss all our love one that are not here. You are right it seems like there is a Funeral every month. I am thankful for life and want to enjoy it with friends and family. I am thankful for my Brother and Sherry.

Mevely317 said...

What a splendid idea, giving a check to the families (v. flowers). When one's already down and depressed, is there ANYTHING more depressing than when those blooms begin to wither and die?

I'm so sorry to hear of your friends' passings. While each of us are left to mourn in our own fashion, I hope great memories buoy your consciousness.


So sad to hear about all your friend's passing. it is inevitable as we get older, isn't it?

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry for the losses of your friends...
Gentle hugs,