Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In a car, with the windows closed tight, Singing to millions!

I get a kick out of Lisa, the witty one, that is her creations and comments. She said yesterday her hidden talent was how well she could sing (in the car).

How many of you sing in the car? Fess up? I do, especially now since I cannot tell what key I am in, I imagine the definition of my condition is ‘Tone Deaf’. Heck, and I WAS so danged  good. I should have went on stage back when I was GREAT! LOL

I really cannot carry a tune now. BUT from my youth I have loved to whistle. As my hearing diminished I quit whistling.  Now with the cochlear implants I have found that whistling sounds good to me. My Sherry says that my whistling is good. I assume that it is because of the frequencies of whistling vs words and musical instruments. So now my ‘not so hidden talent’ is whistling. 

HOWEVER (in the car) I am still great when I sing, ‘MEMORIES ARE MAKE OF THIS’ probably as good as old Dean himself! (Of course, with the windows rolled up TIGHT).

Thanks for the memory kick, Lisa!

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Bobby Darin's "Dream 2"


betty said...

I've been known to sing in the car when alone (and the shower too). Never could master the knack of whistling though!


Paula said...

Yes I do sing in the car (truck). When we start moving it just turns on like a radio. Good thing John doesn't hear well, at least in this situation. Jack I was sidetracked reading your book but I got back on today in the waiting room of John's doctor while he was seeing the doctor. I really like it.

Lisa said...

I can whistle the whole tune to The Andy Griffith Show.
I love coming here each morning.

Off to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to sing in the car but not for a long time. I remember trips with the family and singing just to pass the time. Everyone joined in then!

Jimmy said...

Yes sir, I have been guilty of singing in the car, can't carry a tune but that never stopped me before.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, I love to sing to myself on my daily commutes.
Unfortunately(!), now that the sun rises well before 6AM, I become all kinds of bashful ... worried someone in another car will see me.
'Never mastered the art of whistling, but appreciate a fella that does. :)

shirl72 said...

Brother remember when we were in the kitchen and while we were doing dishes Mother would start singing. She would get a laugh at you trying to stay on tune. Don't worry if you cannot sing you can do everything else and I am thankful...

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're whistling again.


i used to sing to the radio back in the day. but seldom do it anymore. i'm terribly out of tune.