Thursday, April 13, 2017

SC has Alligators too

We had two traffic jams. One from construction and the other a 30-40 minute one because of a terrible wreck.  But for us it was a good trip. Our prayers for those 'strangers, but fellow travelers'. This entry has actually taken about two hours. LOL TERRIBLE connection and no pictures,

Here in South Carolina, we stay near a small town of Yemassee, I pronounced it YE Mass'see. But the locals say it something like Yem'a see. I remember when we were headed for  Ba LOX' e (Biloxi, MS) to live,  I learned pretty fast that it was Ba LUX' ee.

Anyhow, here at Point South RV park there are two lakes.  They were inhabited with Alligators but the last couple times we were through here, I haven't seen any. I might ask tomorrow it they have had them relocated.

We have some ideas of traveling North this year. I have two 'books' in mind. One after meeting Erin a few days ago, our thoughts go to the Appalachian Trail. One book in my head is 'Hikers of the AT'. I want to find a good trail head and prepare some hamburgers and hot dogs for hikers and at that time get some input as to why they are hiking.  That is always an interesting story to me.  

The AT is right at 2170 miles of marked foot path. Many hardy souls start off to do a thru-hike. That is hiking the entire distance in one summer. It usually takes 5-8 months to complete. Most folk drop out in less than 200 miles.  Our first attempt we died at 100 miles.  We decided to go home and plan better for next year.

You would have to see some of the challenges to know them. Dead falls across the trail on a sheer mountain side can add hours, if not a day trying to get around it.  For every state there are dedicated volunteers who repair washes and clear dead falls.  Most of these volunteers have thru-hiked the trail and fell in love with it.  I would like to include their perspective.

The other book in my head is a follow up on Johnny and Ann (From the book Johnny), in/thru/ or after College. College is tough for me to write about since I have only a couple years and those quarters/semesters at a time, never seriously after a degree. So I am limited in ideas in that area.

Anyway, here in SC is a time to think about tomorrow.
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betty said...

Glad you got to your destination safely, even though there were a few glitches along the way. The Applachian Trail certainly is a fascinating place; any story you write about it could be very interesting indeed!



Glad you are settled for the night and that traffic wasn't too bad. I'd stay away from alligators and those lakes though.

shirl72 said...

You are probably on the road headed to NC. I will be waiting to see you.
Hope you have a safe trip will be waiting to welcome you home. Drive safely.

Dar said...

It's always heart-wrenching to see a terrible accident. My prayers also for those unfortunate travelers. Glad you get to travel yet, however. Be wary of the alligator waters...I'd suspect not too friendly.
It sounds like you have a couple new book're amazing. I can think of many things to write about but never get there in reality....I never was a writer, just a thinker. lol
Have a wonderful Easter, our dear friends with Shirl and your NC family.
love n' hugs from up north. Today I bake.

Lisa said...

Welcome back to the Carolinas! I was hoping for a picture of the gators! I saw an alligator at the camp ground lake once. There is a sign that warns others not to feed the gators. For years I thought it was just a fun sign they had posted. But one day we really did see the gator. It was such a thrill to me.

Happy Good Friday!

Mevely317 said...

Johnny ... and ANN? I'm just to the part where he's getting his first laptop. 'Had better get get my readin' eyes in first gear!
Love how several years ago the A.T. was just a name on a map, but you've made it come alive.
Please stay away from those lakes' edges!

Rick Watson said...

I wish I'd had a go at that trail, but my knees would not cooperate these days. I'm finishing up on a book and then I'll read Johnny.
Take care and travel safe Jack.