Thursday, April 27, 2017

Recycling words

It is hard for me to throw anything away that I MIGHT use. The same with paragraphs and sentences.  Tonite's entry is the sentences and paragraphs I have culled from my last few entries because the entry was too long. So, yep, I saved them. Here goes:

I think one reason, my brain says daylight is for work and evenings or nights for hobbies is that Sherry and I both learned to bowl while at GITMO. We loved it. But the sport was an evening thing. Once on a non-competition night I bowled a 295, the perfect game is 300!  WOW I was fired up when league night came. Ouch, then reality set in, I was back to my 150 average.  The guys/gals who are REALLY good are consistent.

Just today I was trying to figure what to do with 6 bowling balls we still have. Would they make good yard decorations? (ideas?) I wonder if the bowling alley will take them.

Real talent shines. Ever shoot pool, play golf or bowl? Ever have a lucky game and think, 'hey that was pretty good.' I remember a couple shots I made on the pool table that were VERY GOOD…… THEN after a while you realize two good shots are not good enough on the pool table, and you realize you really aren’t that good.

 Friend Jimmy ( ) down in the Miami area says Johnny W will make you think you can dance, sing or shoot pool. ;-)  I do faintly remember that in some ports.

I am fortunate to know two good ball players, professionals. Both realized Baseball took more of their time than they were willing to sacrifice. (Have you ever thought of all the road games a player has?) They realized it was not a life for a real family, and quit. Sometimes Life is more important.

I mentioned ‘getting caught’ doing my favorite coin trick with kids. I will display my fading talent of ‘storytelling in chalk’ for a seniors group soon.  Send some prayers and positive thoughts my way, Imma need it. ;-O

Nite Shipslog

 Remember Johnny CAsh's car, 'One piece at at Time'


betty said...

You will do good with your story telling; it will be like riding a bike; it will come back to you once you get into it. One of the houses we lived in, there was an old bowling ball in one of the hall closets the previous people forgot to take (or left intentionally). I think we just gave it to Goodwill. I think those 2 baseball players were wise to re-focus what their priorities were and realize being at home was more important than a career in baseball. I bet they will never regret making that decision.



you reminded me i have an old bowling ball and shoes out in the garage to donate too.

Paula said...

I think you'll do fine with the seniors and they will enjoy.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Jack - That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. After a recent hospital stay (I'm ok now), Sister Jeanne decided that she would arrange to have my condo cleaned (against my protests). One of the results was that she cleaned out my stash of 2-3000 plastic grocery bags that I somehow assumed I could use in the future. I am somewhat of a pack rat.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always used to keep everything and when I had to downsized it was like tearing a piece out of my heart. All those things were a part of me. But I still have the memories and that's what is important...not the things. I donated DDH's bowling ball but kept the shirt...It's in the cedar chest.

Lisa said...

I've never owed a bowling ball but I did own a bowling pin for some reason. I finally threw it away. I always wondered if a lane was short one somewhere.
Your gonna do great with the seniors. Are you doing it Here in Gtown?

from work.

Jimmy said...

You will do just fine with the seniors.

One piece at a time, I remember that one well

shirl72 said...

I guess we can put the bowling balls in my front yard. I remember the chalk
talk "Little House by side of the Road" that is a beautiful story. You will
do good..

Mevely317 said...

Sorry I missed this!
Tom's been hinting at sending our bowling balls to Goodwill. In the more than 15 years since we've known one another, we've been bowling ONCE. Still, I bristle. They don't take up much room.

I like what you said about baseball players quitting for the sake of What Matters. Reminds me of a funny story a co-worker back in Tampa told on herself. Seems she had a beau who was far more serious about their relationship than she. After she 'kicked him to the curb', so to speak, her mother took her to task. "Why?"
... to which she replied, "Mom, all he wants to do is play baseball."

I'm not a fan of bb, but I even recognized the name, Lou Piniella. Hindsight!

Rick Watson said...

Did you see where the guy bowled a perfect game in under 2 minutes. He had the alley to himself and just went from lane to lane slinging strikes. I'm sure it's on YouTube.