Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hot dogs all the way (and Hot Dog!)

Today was a success. On the trip we were able to talk and we revisited our youth, I love that.  She was one pretty girl in that long pony tail. What brought it up was thinking of our sons and grandkids and how I had always wanted my sons to be as happy as I. They have been happy at times of course, but overall divorces tend to hamper a lot of happiness.

 Sherry and I have had a few rough rows (mostly my fault that is said seriously.  You ladies know we boys can be a pain).  We have been a team and always worked out the kinks. This girl can lay one of those special kisses on me and I melt!   Did I tell you, she is a great kisser? Even in her late 70’s that girl is a super kisser.  She says I taught her (he pats himself on the back, but not sure why!)

            (The start of the best life ever, monthly salary $72)

Anyway, back to the trip. We checked in early and chatted with several veterans who were there. One old dude, 89, tried to steal my girl!  We had a lot of fun. While I was in with my good looking doctor, Jennifer, Sherry chatted with Old Joe.  She had a good time and said his life was interesting, I do not doubt it.

Dr Jennifer reprogrammed the implants.  She said, “You are max’d out of the left ear, but still have some room on the right for more volume. I also tweaked the noise reduction program. You are good to go.”

I walked back out into the waiting room and Joe had moved over beside Sherry and I called out loudly, “Hey leave my girl alone, you cannot have her.” The whole waiting room got a big laugh at these old folk who are old enough be their Grandparents.

We said goodbye everyone and headed to “Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs.”

Jimmy sells ‘Hot Dogs, All the way!’ For you that do not know, it is a wiener in a steamed bun with onions, mustard, slaw and chili.  We ordered 3 HDs, lemonade, coke and fries for $9.95.  It takes Sherry back to our youth when we enjoyed Hot Dogs all the way.

 (This is  that young couple above, nearly 60 years later)

 Then the clincher. On the way home I said Jennifer said she tweaked the noise reducer. I have never had one that worked, and I tried it. IT WORKED. The road noise was gone, Sherry sounded funny but I could understand her better.  HOT DOG!

Nite Shipslog
 My first car,
 I lost my license once and walked to Sherry's house to see her and sit on the porch. After dark we got a lot of kissing done. I tell her, "You know  I walked to your house, but I floated home on a cloud. LOL


Paula said...

The last picture of you two is just as nice as the older one.

betty said...

Beautiful couple now and then! Glad the visit went well and there was some reprogramming done that helped you hear perhaps a bit better. Hot dogs sound delicious!



The perfect couple still as much in love as when you started out. Hope the reprogramming enhances your hearing.


PS) My hubby and I are big HOT DOG fans too.

Lisa said...

This was fun to read. You two are a mess! Hahaha. Im glad you got some noise satisfaction. And I love a good hot dog. I agree, "all the way" is mustard, chili, onions and slaw. Try telling that to a Yankie.

Keep a kiss on Sherry and an eye on Joe.

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a good visit and a safe trip. Not being able to hear is
something I would miss. Nice to give the waiting a good laugh while they
were waiting to see the Dr. Hot dogs sounds good Mother could make good ones.

Glenda said...

Your romancing the Sherry stories always bring a smile ~ so wonderful to have what you two have got ~ and Imma not talking about the motor home!!! If wishes were horses we'd all ride, I wish I had a son as sweet as Jackie, Jr. and a sweetheart like you Jack. You both richly deserve all that life has handed you ~ especially the good stuff (beautiful grands and greats) good health [Gramma always said "you got your health --- you got your wealth]
Thinking you are millionaires :)
Hugs from South Flawda, Glenda
good to hear(pun intended) that the adjustment was helpful.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you could get the noise reduction tweaked. It was nice to give the waiting room a laugh.
Now you've got me wanting a hotdog.

salemslot9 said...

Andy Griffith as Matlock
always has his hot dog
all the way!

Mevely317 said...

'Not a fan of hot dogs (shhhhh ... don't tell Tom!), but I'm so darn happy for the two of you.
Dr. Jennifer done good!