Friday, April 21, 2017

It's a men's 'thang'

Age is easier for men to accept than women, in my opinion. Well, maybe not age itself, BUT LOOKING OLD, really hurts most women's feelings. It is society's fault. I am astounded at the 'beauty aids' for girls. I do not know the %'s, but Women, think of 'face-lifts' more than men. 

My girl knows I already 'know' she is the most beautiful woman in the world, you cannot improve on perfection. But, but 'She wants to look her best.'

We boys on the other hand, think 'scars' give character, so we don't want to cover them. LOL

My sweet departed sister in law was in here 80's and had Alzheimer's disease.  We visited her in assisted living and I asked her how she was doing? 

"Fine," she said, "Today I am here, they tell me some days I am gone and in another world."

I asked, "How old are you now Moz?"

"I really don't know Jackie."

Sherry or Shirl popped in, "Moz, you are 83 this year."

She turned to me very quickly and said, "But I don't look it, do I?"

Mozelle was always a beautiful woman and was forever trying to 'improve' on her looks, and like a lot of folks, she wanted to retain her youth.  

I can remember seeing deep wrinkles on my dad's neck. The varicose veins in the legs. A balding head, crepe-y looking skin and age spots.

I remember thinking, I hope that doesn't happen to me.  Funny think, it did happen. BUT when it did, I found out those things did not hurt. LOL.

 (Sherry in Maternity clothes standing with her mama)

In my life time I remember girls wearing 'Maternity Clothes', it was a must. They were passed from one woman to another during pregnancy. The tops were supposed to hide the  'baby-belly'.

My sweet wife still says she remembers feeling ugly and fat.  We were young and she looked around at girls we knew, who were still slim. I know, you know and most should know, that a woman is NOT ugly because she is pregnant.

Today is different, women are PROUD of the 'baby-bump'.  Now good or bad in your opinion, or mine, it is a good move for  mental health.

The idea also may get across that Natural beauty is real BEAUTY.

Disclaimer:  I love my girl's looks and I do not care if she feels beauty aids are necessary.  If it makes her happy I am a thumbs up guy!

Shucks, if she gets pregnant next week, it is her choice,  maternity clothes or not.  Just so you will know my feelings on the matter!  LOL

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betty said...

I'm not even sure these days there are maternity clothes, LOL. Women just kind of adapt to what they have it seems. I wonder if women are vainer than men and that's why they feel they have to keep themselves looking as young as possible. I just go with the flow here, LOL. Part of aging, maturity, wisdom could be those wrinkles I so proudly flaunt :)


Lisa said...

If I'm not mistaking, Years ago, Even in my maternity years, Women were told that makeup, certain lotions, foods and hair products were unhealthy for pregnant women. Maternity clothes were all the same. So some did feel "ugly". However, I loved being pregnant and felt good. Though I was pretty plain looking. I had more "whistles and looks" when I was pregnant and stringy headed. :)
I think it should be a rule that girls cant wear make up until they are in their 30s. Many start too young and ruin that natural beauty.

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Jimmy said...

I love the way you speak of your wife, I wish more men realized the natural beauty of women just the way the Good Lord made them, I enjoyed this post very much and can relate to some of the things I have noticed on my Dads face now on mine.

Jackie said...

You and your wife have the sweetest love.
I enjoy being here and reading your blogposts, my friend.
You have a kind heart and a deep love for your bride.
You love the Lord.

Mevely317 said...

Boy, you've said a mouthful, Jack.
Some might call it 'vanity' ... I make no excuses for my 'laugh-lines' ... but still try and do my best each morning with what I've left.

For the life of me, I can't understand those so-called
'mature' ladies who feel it necessary to complete - with their daughters.

No matter her age, methinks Sherry perpetually defines the term 'lovely.'


All women are beautiful in their own way. They can shine at any age. Sherry is lovely indeed. But you're not bad looking yourself dear Blog friend.