Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The favorite part of my day

In reference to your day, what part, action or time do you look forward to most? 

As I read blogs I can picture some of my fellow bloggers preferring something in their day. Me? I am sitting here in our motor home and can hear the rain heavy on the roof and got to thinking what am I missing?

I will miss our walk, it is not my top priority, but I will miss it. Sherry and I hold hands and talk a lot when we walk. (I am sure some folk think we are newlyweds)  Our two rambunctious sons have had their troubles. Some of those would have driven one of us up a wall or flat on the floor in exasperation. We have walked for years and communicated well on a path or sidewalk. We have supported each other. I have always wondered how couples made it that could not talk.

Television for years prevented solid conversation at home. It was on from morning until late night.  If we didn’t walk, we did not talk, either way, light or heavy hearted.

There is one other time for me.  That time is when I am involved in writing a new novel. That time is from about ten PM to about 1-2AM. I enjoy that alone time, some of it creative. 

Other things I actually enjoy:
Washing dishes
Sorting nuts, bolts and odd hardware in my playhouse.

There is nothing I can think of that I just DISLIKE doing. 

Some of my ‘not to favorites’ are:
Washing the car or motor home.
Auto body work
Changing oil
Cleaning gutters
Shopping for clothes

And then there are love/ dislike activities, depending on moods:
Filling up at the service station.
Mowing the grass
Getting up early
Grocery shopping

Rain makes my brain work strange (I’m kidding myself, I KNOW that it always works strange.)

Nite Shipslog
 We do not quite have a million miles on us, but we haven't had each other 82 years yet!  One day we want to walk off into the sunset!

Mr Allan Swift and his 1928 RR
This Rolls Royce was owned by one man for 82 years he averaged about 11K miles a year, over a million miles, but then it is a Rolls!


Paula said...

After Mel had a stroke at age 45 when he was better we walked for 45 minutes every night for several years. We got in lots of good talk then. John on the other hand plays the TV every waking moment and with his hearing problem there are not those good conversations.

Lisa said...

I love my hour of quiet time in the mornings before Nicks awakes. I read blogs and have breakfast and coffee.
I also love any part of the day im not at work!
Me and Nick do most our talking and cutting up while walking. We enjoy that time together even though we are always together.
What do I hate? Dusting and folding clothes!


Mevely317 said...

'Love the visual of you n' Sherry walking hand-in-hand!
My favorite part of the day kicks in 'tween 4 and 5(am) when I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee, blog posts on my tablet and a dark, silent home. (Unless the furry brats decide to bark at something.)
What a desperately dislike? Vacuuming and mopping floors. Oh, and pumping my own gas.


Walking off into the sunset sounds like the perfect setting.

betty said...

What I look forward to the best is at the end of the day enjoying a dinner with hubby and sharing a bottle of wine. We'll talk at the table about this or that; often these days about the "troubles" we are still encountering, but it is just that time of relaxation and talk I really enjoy the most and look forward to. What I don't look forward to is unstacking the dishwasher and folding clothes :)


Jackie said...

I enjoy reading about what you and Sherry enjoy doing. Your family is amazing.
I am so happy that you have each other and the Lord.
Hugs and smiles to you all

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two definitely are blessed to be able to take those walks and talk about the day. Morning is usually favorite time of day. I love watching the sun come up. Hope you get your walk in today ! Sunny here for a short while this morning !

Dar said...

I love waking to the sunrise, talks over coffee with Bill planning our day then relaxing on the deck after, watching the deer in the field more talks and sunsets with my guy. I used to love sweeping and mopping but now we share those duties. I'm so blessed to have him in my life as you have Sherry. God's been very good to us, hasn't He.
Love n' hugs from up north. It's warming up fast, so I foresee many long days in the field, gardens and food plots as our lives carry on. Keep on walking as long as you can.