Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hoping for better cell signal soon!

Hi Blog people.  If I am missing from the bloggsville for the next few days it is because of VERY WEAK and intermittent cell signal.  I am hoping this short post will post.  I will read as much as possible as usual, but this is becoming increasingly FRUSTRATING! Enough so that I have decided to laugh instead of Cry and say bad words!!!

I like old folk cause they can remember  Straight drives. Just after learning to drive and stopping  at a traffic light on a hill. Then looking in the rear view mirror and  seeing the car behind you  right on your rear bumper.  Oh yeah, I remember sitting there with one foot on the  brake the other on the clutch. Gripping that sterring wheel and wondering how far back am I going to roll before I get the clutch out and get to the gas pedal, without killing the  engine. When it died I remember being embarrassed to death! Yeah, me 'n old folk are kindred spirits!

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Think good thoughts of old things when you see an antique automobile.


Lisa said...

I remember learning the staight drive. I cheated on a hill with one hand on the emergency brake!
I got my license in a straight drive. I sure would like to get behind the wheel of one again.

Hope you get some signal.

Rick Watson said...

I thought I was missing your posts again, but I don't feel so bad. Spotty service is a pain. BTW, if you were really my friend, you'd buy my that Corvette :)

betty said...

I'm thinking the straight drive is a manual transmission? Haven't driven one in years, but glad I learned how to; I hear its like swimming or riding a bike; it comes back to you, no matter how long it has been since you did it.

"Sucks" when Internet service is slow. We are so used to it being so speedy!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a bother having a week single but at least you have one! I do remember trying to put that clutch in and step on the gas fast enough to not to coast backward. It got so bad for me that I'd go miles out of my way to avoid a hill. Ha! I never hit anyone but had some close calls.

Mevely317 said...

Ya, there are days when our ISP starts 'acting out' and I want to scream. (Addicted to the web ... party of one!) Difficult sometimes to remember life as it was -- not all that long ago -- before the 'net.'

Have yourselves a beautiful day!


Hope your service comes back soon. we'll be here.

Dar said...

Two gorgeous ladies, Sherry and Shirl by the eye-popping 'vette. WOW! And do you realize how much you resemble your sister? You are all just pretty people. Don't worry about the bad connection, consider it a vacation.
We will be here when you get back on line. Take a breather!
Love n' hugs from we very exhausted northerners. We finish the last of the sap to syrup operation after the rains stop. Then, we pull taps and clean up!
It's been a great ride. We have more than enough for our families so won't do this again for at least a few years.......God willing.