Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Not much happening here this evening. My mind is jumping from one thing to another.  Yeah, I know, that seems normal. But what I mean is that it is jumping around at lightning speed and I can’t catch any of the ideas

I was told by a friend once in all seriousness, “In case you wonder about getting lost.  Just remember one thing, where ever you find yourself, THERE YOU ARE!”

Davy Crockett was asked once was he ever lost.  He responded, “No sir, I was never lost. Now I have been bewildered for a few days at a time.”

So I am not lost here in North Carolina tonight, Just bewildered.

But tomorrow we head out for a 3 hour drive to see my implant hearing specialist, Doctor Jennifer. That drive sounds like friend Dar up in the North Woods when she talks about their Doctors visits, more of a journey!

Bewitched or bewildered I am still one happy guy, looking forward to a ride with my girl. It is great to really enjoy someone's company.

Nite Shipslog

 We were never fortunate enough to have the above motor home but after pop-ups and tents, this was out first Motor Home. It was great in the desert or Florida but created a train on a mountain.  HA!  We pulled off the road many times to let busy folk by!  LOL


betty said...

Safe travels and hope the visit goes well!


Lisa said...

Hope your doctor visit goes good. Sounds to me like you and Sherry just need to keep traveling. Your Motor home is your happy place. Hey while your in Btown. Go visit the new Cotton Candy factory downtown Belmont. I want to go but cant seem to get down there. Maybe Nick will take me this weekend.

From Rainy Gtown

Mevely317 said...

To borrow the old lyric, yours sounds like a "peaceful, easy feeling"!
Looking forward to 'hearing' your good news from Doctor Jennifer.

Loved that Davy Crockett quote!


Hope you get great news from your doctor. GODSPEED.

Jackie said...

Enjoy the beauty of NC....
I do hope you get a great report from your doctor.