Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day trip to the farm LOL

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We took a day trip back home, well to our latest home that is, the one in Deltona. I needed to cut the grass and check out the farm.

Well the grass wasn’t high, so I cut ours and the neighbors. Our neighbors are a sweet Couple, young lovers. They work all the time. They own the house now. They rented it out until it was paid for. His wife said his mama insisted he OWN a home, it was an American Dream.
But the farm didn’t fair too well without me ‘loving it to death (my mama’s words)’. “Son, you love plants to death.”

Our cantaloupe crop is about gone.

The banana trees still have no bananas,

I left a tomato on the vine, some varmint musta ate it. It would have been ripe by now.
One little ‘Big Boy’ is showing out.

Something is eating the leaves. I could not find any bugs!  We do have a lot of cherry tomatoes about the size of a pea.

Our Pineapple crop is doing well, Should have a Pineapple in 2020.

We had a left over  tuna sub She brought from home for lunch. Sherry fixed us a cup of coffee to enjoy on the screened in porch.

She is very satisfied with her new octagon rug. It fit very well.

Our dog George, 

has taken good care of the place while we were gone.  We took a mile or so walk in the neighborhood, Must have seen at least 4 people, everyone works…
But when we returned we had surprise guests.. Love Florida:

That is our little house in the back ground, I love these big Sand-hill Cranes. They will stand in the road and stop traffic seemingly unaware they don't have the right of way LOL
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1938 Plymouth, the year before I was born!


Mevely317 said...

Those cranes are precious! Love the flag and what y'all have done to enhance the curb appeal. :)

That was nice of you to mow your neighbor's lawn. That's going to mean a lot to that young couple.

BTW, I finally got to taste Duke's mayonnaise! Son Troy took us to a small-business grocer (Renfro's) one day. While we were waiting for our Friday bacon cheeseburgers prep, I looked over at the condiments aisle ... and BINGO! Delicious for sure, but a little sweeter than Hellman's I think.

Paula said...

Your house is very neat and with the birds more so.

betty said...

L like your dog, George. He never sheds. That's a blessing!!


Lisa said...

The rug is perfect! And your house is so cute! The neighbors are lucky to have you. I hope they are all good to you and Sherry. Oh how I would love to have seen the cranes walk by. We see only geese walking around here and occasionally a hawk or owl in the trees.
Well, you know.

Feeling better

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At least you have something still growing on your farm. Fresh bananas and pineapples would be a great crop to reap. That is a wonderful picture of your home with the cranes in front. Sunny in Ohio but only in the 40's today. Nothing much growing here at all but I do have some flower boxes of fresh herbs that are still alive out on the sun porch where they are protected.

Chatty Crone said...

Just this is another life for you- I thought I was reading someone else's post. Where is this place - it is adorable! How far a drive for you?

Dar said...

Farming in any capacity, it's tough when you cannot always be there to tend the garden. As for whatever is snacking on the leaves, try dusting them with a mixture of salt and flour. When the bugs ingest it, they get bound up and die. That'll teachum' to be munchin' on your grindin's. Your house sure is cute., love the slat windows of the door. Sherry-always so cute. Oh ya, those look like the same 3 cranes that were in my yard....who'da thunk!
love n' hugs from up north where we are having a mild winter.....so far.


love your house. it's perfect for the two of you. george is a good guard dog. that new rug is sure pretty. how lucky you are to see nature that close. those cranes are precious.