Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The effects of the Gypsy life?

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Now from Florida:
Until I was old I never thought too much about the paths my life took from not having roots. As a Preacher’s son we moved several times during my school years. Fortunately it was always in the summer and I was able to make friends without being dropped in a school cold turkey not knowing anyone in town.

Now knowing Sherry’s life, I see the difference in roots and rootless.  I remember only 3-4 people I was in school with from grade 1 to 10. I do know a few from the 11th grade, the year I quit. On the other hand Sherry knew over a hundred people from her 12 years of school. Many still alive and friends today.

Several of her classmates still gather at Hardees on Monday morning. On her birthday she talked to several of them. Evelyn called from Hardees and passed the phone around for them to wish Sherry a Happy Birthday.

I see my sons. Both objects of the military life, both HS dropouts, neither with High School friends.

They have established good friends, but none from childhood. They each do have one good friend, both friends came from our time In Key West.

Does a mobile life cause big differences in personality traits? We have two sons. Both in their upper 50’s. They are as different as night and day. They are the perfect example of the ‘Odd Couple’. One orderly to a fault, the other disorderly to a fault. Both have a great work ethic. But one despises dirt, the other seems at times to relish it. One will look for the better, easier way to do something. The other will bull his way thru with his ‘perfect body’ and strength.

One will pack his clothes in a suitcase the other had just as soon use grocery store plastic bags. They still get along well, I am proud of that (it probably is better to limit their close contact to ten days or less). LOL
A repeat pic of the boys and their mom from yesterday!

We love these boys and are proud of them. Both have went thru very dark times, not sure they made it thru unscathed. Neither has a wife now. But both have been successful in their own right. They have always loved and respected their mother. I like that. I hope and pray that all the wild times are behind them, and the rest of their lives are good and happy.

By 60 years of age, 60% of men and 40% of women will snore.

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Chatty Crone said...

Jack - I think the way your life - your marriage - and your boys - the way everything turned out - you done good! Everyone is different and you and Sherry are a great blend! sandie

betty said...

Well I'm in that 40% of women who snore :)

I often think about this having roots or being rootless. We are pretty rootless; both my siblings have roots. While it is nice to have those roots and the benefits of lifelong friends, it is kind of fun to be rootless because we've lived in so many different environments and got to know the "feel of the land" not just on a visit but actually living there for long periods of time. That I think has been good for us even though I wasn't exactly happy with the amounts of moves we made over the years (the physical act of moving, not the new adventures that laid ahead).


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm the opposite of you and your family as I live here in the same town i was born and raised in. But my family have mostly moved on to greener pastures. Having roots to them means they can visit when they want, but because of their jobs they moved to where the work was. Having roots doesn't mean the same as what it used too, but I remind them often not to forget where they came from. Things are very different than they used to be and what we value has definitely changed.

Dar said...

We both had moved away for awhile after high school even tho we both grew up in the same school, had many friends, some we still see occasionally after having both returned to our ' roots,' as you put it. Roots to me have always meant, ' home is where we are.' I love my home and who I share it with. The kids are all grown, gone and establishing their own roots but I'm glad they all come 'home' when they can. Life is so busy, isn't it. You and Sherry have done great together. Your roots are with each other. That's the beauty of it.
love n' hugs from our bitter cold, wind swept snowy north

Lisa said...

You have some great looking boys and I know they are good kids.
I never moved around much. I had a few friends in school but never was in any click. I wasn't popular. I was one of the poorer kids and didn't get involved in school activies and such. The South Point 30 year reunion was a couple weeks ago and I didnt even know about it. No invite or anything. I have a few facebook friends I went to school with but non seem to let me know of the reunion either. I was rather hurt when I saw class photos the next morning. My childhood friends were mostly kids from church or the neighborhood. I never hear from any of them.

Still feeling bitter


nice to be so deeply rooted in a place, like sherry is. jobs have kept me from a distance from my home.