Friday, November 3, 2017

Income Taxes and flowers

Historic Photo for tonight:

In 1869 the cross country RR was a dream come true. They drove the 'golden spike' to celebrate.

We all fill out forms for the IRS, we pay income taxes.....
Most folk do not know, but there was a time most folk I knew did their own year’s end tax returns. The first few I did for Sherry and I was on a simple Fill in the blanks IBM card.  It was as simple as this:
 Married status….
Number of dependents….
Yearly Income…..
Amount of federal Income tax withheld…. ________
Amount of tax you owe from tax tables…     ________
Amount you owe…. Attach check.  ………   _______
Amount over paid (refund)……………          _______

It was basically that simple to file your taxes.  I smile at every political administration when they promise, ‘we are going to simply the tax code.’

Mine and your reps are mostly wealthy men and women. The tax code does favor them. They are not about to change it.  They say the things we want to hear, but in reality your congressman blames mine and mine blames yours for not being able to FIX the tax code. They will come home and say I wanted to get this done, but George from Montana, or Oregon would not agree.

I still make those tax ‘filler outers’ miss a little income, because I still do it myself.  Ours is not complicated anyway. When I was in business the last ten years I hired a CPA, because my brother who was a good business man told me to.

I wish in my life time I would see a very simple tax system. Either the 10% flat tax or a national 20% sales tax and do away with the IRS.  My simple mind at work.  HA!
I sorta favor the national sales tax because if the millionaire buys a Yacht He pays tax on it. If I buy a Jon boat I pay tax on it. He buys a high-rise hotel and I buy a tent, be both pay the same percentage on the sale.   In my mind it is that simple BUT once some wise person looks at it they can come up with a lot of reasons it cannot work. So… ? We are probably stuck with millions of pages of red tape.

Florida has some beautiful flowers.  We pass this one on our walk. The flower is beautiful, but LOOK at the stickers on this dude!!

Our wonderfully created human body:
The human body is estimated to have 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Nite Shipslog
You Hand-pumped your gas up into the glass container on top. 1 to 5 gallons. then it used gravity flow to put it in your tank. 


Mevely317 said...

WHY can't Congress and (miscellaneous) law-makers agree, Jack has a BETTER way?! Some days I just shake my head ...

'Catching myself behind times --again. Too few hours here in Arizona... LOL. We're off to the Deep South in a few hours and will probably be off line for the next week. Nevertheless, I'll be following via my cell.

Y'all be good!
Love from the land where nobody has to change their stinkin' clocks! :)


betty said...

Wow with those stickers on that plant! I agree pretty flowers though! Imagine if they went to a straight tax system how many people would be unemployed! I do wish though it was less complicated and easier to do without the help of an agency, but its one thing you want to get right to hopefully avoid an audit.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Love the flowers, but taxes not so much. It seems the tax system is never simple.

Chatty Crone said...

Nothing is simple anymore - but the flowers! They are beautiful!

Dar said...

A couple of sure things, death and taxes...not necessarily in that order. Those thorns are something else....I wonder what kind of cacti that is? or is it? Now I'll be researching.
love n' hugs from where my succulents are dormant under snow.


stickers or not love that flowering plant.