Saturday, November 11, 2017

Yea VETS AND the Sherrys, Oras and Janets

Historical picture:
This is actual courtroom testimony. An Exotic dancer in a Florida court, Showing the judge her 'costume' is not as vulgar as the undercover police testified.
 (Here I am wondering how that court recorder recorded this?)

Now for today in Florida:
Our VETS deserve to be remembered. We went out to breakfast yesterday and I noticed a guy wearing an Army hat and his lovely wife come in. He looked over, we made eye contact he smiled a beamer! I could tell they had great personalities, maybe a little timid. Much younger than ourselves. As we were leaving I slipped into the booth beside his wife and said, “Didn’t your mother warn you not to hang around with soldiers?” She half smiled, a little confused, then they both laughed. We chatted a second and I stood shook his hand and thanked him for his service, we saluted, and we bought their breakfast.

Having spent some time in the service I know times are rough on the Vet. I have cried alone in a tent and off in the woods missing my girl then my wife. I don’t KNOW, but ‘I KNOW OF’ some of the things the vet’s family faces.
(Many vets still do not know it is proper to salute while in civilian clothes now)

On most ‘accompanied’ deployments. Deployments where the family is allowed to come live overseas with their spouse, are not as simple as a move in the states. In most cases the military person must go ahead, find a place to live or wait until one is available. Then the stateside mate  must get the household goods packed, moved and shipped. In most cases they must also ship a car. At the same time taking care of the kids. Arranging school, meals, etc. Sherry did it with two boys. Janet (sis in law) did it with 4-5 kids. And then there is OUR friend Ora of Kentucky. Some of you know her. She is a sweetie and a character, former blogger now active on FB.. She kept me in stitches telling about traveling with her baby son, in diapers to join Mixon her Chaplain Husband in Okinawa. Mixon and Sherry’s brother Vernon, and many troops lived on Okinawa and served in Vietnam.
Another arrival on GITMO (not the first, can't find it) but the same Airport. Notice the airplane prop wash messed with her hair.
(This is the home I brought Sherry and the boys to in GITMO, called defense housing, the cheap housing. She also shipped that car a 1964 Ponitac)

Ora and I have something in common. She has a Cochlear implant. Before I had the procedure we traveled to KY to talk to her. With the implant she and I cannot have many common electronic medical procedures (MRI, etc). (She just underwent an alternate medical procedure, hope all is well)

In closing, YES thanks to all the Veterans, BUT also thanks to the families who endured the separations and whatever was required to stay sane. God bless the Military and all the dependents affected.

Nite Shipslog
PS: Today’s fact of our wonderful bodies:
Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour. Neurons continue to grow throughout human life. Information travels at different speeds within different types of neurons.

(I see folks on the highway that want to travel as fast as their neutrons)


Paula said...

Thank you for serving our great country Jack. In reality the wives serve too as you told about what they have to do so thank you Sherry.

betty said...

Thank you Jack and Sherry for your service to our country. It is an effort on both of your parts to "make it work" with all that was involved with being part of military life; job well done!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for your years of service to our country and I applaud Sherry for following you around during those years too. Together you make a great pair!

Dar said...

Yes, Thank you Jack and Sherry. Three of our four boys were in the military, all overseas at the same time long ago. It was during somewhat peaceful times, I thanked God. I cannot imagine it happening now. It takes a very strong woman to follow the way Sherry did and so many did it with blessings along with the hardships. Thanks to all our vets. You have heart!
As for those neurons............
love and hugs from up north. It's a nice day, in the low 30's with sunshine trying to peek through.


happy veterans day.