Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our cost of RV'ing

Today’s Historical Photo:

 The one man not giving the Nazi Salute!

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           An old story, we moved again.
Yep, after living two months in our own back yard, we are taking a vacation. We love to travel but don’t know how to pack a suitcase, so we just take it all with us. As MA said in a comment: Our home, table and bed remains the same. She used to live in an RV every summer. 

We have a new front yard and view from our picture window. With our program for RV’ing we can live well, cheap.

(I love the River Walk in San Antonio, we were laughing because our sons were embarrassed at their mama!)

Our yearly dues are around $500. If we want to, we can live all year for that, plus the diesel to get there and NEVER pay a utility bill as the utilities come with the RV site. We have 80 sites around the USA to choose from. Unfortunately most of them are on the West Coast. On the East coast we still have some great sites. We love the Lancaster county area of PA, and have 3 sites there.  We cannot move into a park and stay there, we are limited to 2 or 3 weeks according to the time of the year. WE do not mind moving every few weeks, as a matter of fact I got real itchy sitting for 2 months. LOL       
   (picures from the Lake Medina/Sanantonio area)

I was always leery of time-share and RV clubs. I never tried to learn, just heard the ‘horror stories’. Friends Don & Evelyn were members of a club and explained the good and bad points, so we decided to try it. It works for us.

           (Picture taken just outside our coach)
Of course the club loses money on us and all full timers, but I explained that to the salesman, WE ARE FULL TIME (at the time). He said no problem thousands buy in and use the program 1-2 weeks a year to make up for your way of living. I told him we appreciated that. LOL
(This  was possible because of our (FREE)park at Lake Medina near San Antonio. That is mine and your friends Paula and John with us. As you know Paula and I co-authored a book 'Toby's Tales', named after her friend Toby who lived in her back yard)

So we are going to stay here for 3 weeks, go to Orlando for 2 weeks.  Return to our back yard for a week over Christmas and New Year’s, then back to another park in Orlando. We had the chance to visit Dallas and Marion up in Chincoteage a few months ago. We are again fortunate to see them again in Orlando after the first of the year. 

Life on the road is good for us. Sister Shirl keeps asking when are you coming home to live? Our Answer is, “We do not know.”

We took a day trip to Georgia to pick up the Georgia Pe-cans I talked about lately.  Delicious!

A fact about the human body:

A human fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of three months.

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                  1951 Studebaker (bullet nose)


Paula said...

There we all are at Bill Miller's. It was fun but I wanted to take you all to the ranch to see the cows. Now they are all gone. We never go out there, just happened so fast. My daughter bought a small ranch at Medina, Texas and have a friend who lives near Medina Lake. You know that is two separate places, right?

Mevely317 said...

Sitting back a Square #1 and off-kilter, you're making
RV life sound more and more inviting.
Except such close quarters and Tom and I would probably wind up injuring one another. (lol)

Embarrassing your boy? Heck, I loved this image!

Chatty Crone said...

The one man not giving the Nazi Salute! - HOW COOL!

Boy you are full of info today - didn't know about the fingerprint either.

So you can live there in your RV for $500 a year. Wow - but you have to have an RV too - right? I am always thinking about how to live cheaper.

betty said...

I admire that one man that didn't salute. Wouldn't you like to know more about his life? Seems like you got lots of fun traveling coming up over the next month; I know you guys will enjoy it all!



Once I bought a house the wheels would have to stop rolling for a while for me. but what you do works for you, so you should keep doing it. more power to you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, I used to have my home away from home in the woods every summer and I loved it and miss those days for sure. Your cost of living isn't bad at all. We paid more than that for one summer at a RV park But we permanently parked and didn't move around. From April till mid October that is where you'd find me. Now I'm permanently parked in a mobile home park that has modular homes. You could move them and I have seen that done, but no more moving for me, I hope.

Lisa said...

Im playing post catch up.
Thats a sweet photo of ypu and Sherry . Hope you two have safe travels !