Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Still digging!

Historical Photo:
                     These must be historical, right?

For now!

Ever notice when you  speak half way intelligently no one seems to be listening. But make a mistake and call an animal by the wrong name and EVERYONE hears.

Or no one cares how many e-mails you send until you don’t like the boss and tell a shipmate then send a copy to that Boss. (I met a lady that that happened to!)

Have you noticed I have nothing to say? Ah ha. I thought I was fooling you!

I did notice in the comments on yesterday’s blog that most of you liked the subjects I thought you might.

But I thought you all would have reserved a seat on the Mayflower! (shock!)

Working hard in between conversations with my sister Shirl.

Nite Shipslog

North Carolina facts (since we are here)

  • 1710 - Germans and Swiss establish a settlement on the Neuse River
  • 1712 - North Carolina becomes a separate Colony

  • 1866 - Tuscarora Indian Henry Berry Lowrie leads a revolt in Robeson County
  • 1878 - A Cherokee reservation is established in Western North Carolina
         An old Caddy Limo


Paula said...

I love the pictures of the old bicycle and piano in a tree or through a tree. Hope Shirl is enjoying the visit with you and Sherry. John's oldest son finally came and spent a long time with him late yesterday.

betty said...

Those pictures are interesting with the bike in the tree and the piano in the tree. Not sure how historical they may be, but they certainly are hysterical. Always good to visit with family, I'm sure you all are enjoying time spent with each other!



got a kick out of the old piano and the tree. the bicycle too. hope you are enjoying your visit with shirl.

Lisa said...

Your random post, love stories and old stories are my favorites to read. But I enjoy anything you put on here. You have a lot of interesting stuff and I actually learn a lot.
Enjoy your time with Shirl.

Love from over here

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Pictures can often say more than words can. You may not be saying a lot, but what you do say is always enjoyable. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday.

Dar said...

On my Grams B's homestead, now my brother's land, there's a wagon wheel with a tree growing through it. Cool pictures., a sign of many years growth.
You always have interesting things to say, my intelligent friend full of great stories. Never stop. No siree...gonna only enjoy large bodies of water from the shore. :) I'm sure you and Shirl are enjoying one another's company recalling so much history. Shirl seems to be a homebody like myself. It's good.
love n' hugs from up north where the icicles still hang long off the roof and we dream of green grass and tomatoes.

Mevely317 said...

Ah, what stories that old bicycle could tell. That image is so thought-provoking.

As ever, THANKS for brightening my morning!

Glenda said...

That old Caddy Limo is quite a car! Reading the NC history gave me a "Gone With the Wind" moment...the old South! Seeing Sherry's face wreathed in smiles [on FB] with one of the newest ones was priceless.