Monday, February 22, 2021

This Covid thing is 'LEARNING' me stuff! LOL

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1935 Ford Pickup This one was a beauty. Gotta love it.


It all started not long after we were married. I was given a simple task,  I have mentioned it before, but here it is again. You will remember L’eggs. Well my girl asked be to simply pick up a pair for her and quickly told me the name or description.

I did not write it down, after all I am a very smart guy. LOL Just knowing by glancing at the size and name it would ring a bell. YEAH RIGHT! There are 1000 combinations of names, colors, sizes, types etc. So NO I did not get the stockings for her.

SO here it is Covid time. I do the shopping, with a list. Ever shop vitamins, supplements and aspirin type things?

Most of us men have not.

There is no rhyme nor reason in the display rack. It is not alphabetical nor numeric. I thought when I spotted fish oil that Cod liver oil would be next to it, HAHA!  Hey, there is Vitamin C!  But then there is Vitamin C with zinc, There is vitamin C with xx  zz  ww (whatever). It even gets worse.

This is a small display!!!

A couple days ago I had to laugh out loud as an old man (like me) looking up and down at the vitamins and shaking his head. Even with a mask on I could tell he was gritting his teeth.  (ME) Laughing I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hey Brother, I feel your pain!”

I couldn't find a picture of the rack I look thru on the net, these look small!

He just continued to shake his head; but I know he was smiling when he said, “This is stupid, a bunch of crap!” I said, “That is why I settle for multi-vitamin, and even then I am not sure if it is the right one, there are at least 10 versions of that.” 

Sherry has been good to me lately and writes down the exact name of each item. That helps but most of it is hard to explain.

Anyway I don’t mind grocery shopping, but shopping for things that ladies pick, I am LOST!

When I look at all those supplements and vitamins I can’t believe people take ten to twenty of these things a day; but I know they do.

I don’t question it I just know my girl knows what is best for her. She is still pretty and healthy. I NEVER question or suggest meds, supplements or vitamins to anyone. Personally my only med is a multi-vitamin. Not sure it helps, but it cannot hurt!




Mevely317 said...

Don't feel bad, Jack ... I recently felt the same way and had to ask the stocker for help to find the Zinc. (She just grinned and admitted, "The only reason I know is, I unpacked the box a little while ago. It's flying off the shelves.")
Unlike Sherry, I've never been good at preventive self care. Some of these pills are so big I'm afraid they're going to get stuck going down. Hope there's still time to get with the program. Like you said, "It can't hurt!"

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Shopping isn't easy easy for those of us that are used to doing it. I too take a multi vitamin, like you say it can't hurt. I figure if I'm not eating what I need, it will fill in on what my body needs. You ARE SO GOOD TO DO THE SHOPPING AND I'M SURE SHERRY MAKES SURE YOU GET WHAT SHE NEEEDS. YOU MAKE A GOOD COUPLE FOR SURE !

Lisa said...

We dont take medicine. We take Vitamins. I take 4 each morning. Multi vitamins made me sick in the past so I avoid them right now. I find it interesting while looking through a vitamin store. There are so many different kinds of vitamins. I just stick to the basics of the alphabet and take B12, C & D.

Have a good day!