Tuesday, October 5, 2021

I check our mail every day AND....

Assuming that this car will be memorable, one day:

This is currently BMW's concept car...

For today:

WE get 99% junk mail and utility bills. Have you noticed that businesses are NOT in business to make money? They seem to be in business to GIVE you something.

Today I was thrilled to know there is a window company in my area ‘this week’ and have been trying to contact me. They are going to give us $279 off every window and $500 off every door. AND, AND if we act in the next few days they will even take off $500 off the total bill and give us 2 windows. WOW! I can hardly wait. (I cannot imagine the TOTAL COST of that GIFT!)

I feel like the lady who had her windows and doors upgraded.  For months she received a bill and threw it away. After a year a collection agent stopped by to see what the problem was.

“Mr. Window has asked me to see if I could find out why you have not sent any payments in on their fantastic windows, has there been a problem with them?”

Astounded, the lady replied, “Definitely no problems, It has been a year, I am sure they are now fully paid off!”

“Not according to Mr. Window!”

Well the man who had those installed assured me they are the most efficient on the market and he said they would pay for themselves in 12 months.  It has been 12 months now, so I am assuming they are paid for, right?” The lady was looking at the collection man awaiting an answer.

Shaking his head, “I guess you have me there, I will give your answer to Mr. Window.”  The collection agent walked off smiling to himself……

To tell the truth, that is about how I feel about these advertisements. BTW is anyone contacting you about buying your house?

We get at least 3 letters/cards a week. They will pay cash. None have given a written offer until now. This week we actually got an offer on one piece of property. It was $1,240.00 Yep one thousand two hundred forty dollars, keep in mind now that this is CASH.(LOL) They don't know they are talking about our driveway which is actually deeded separate from the house.

There must be money made on these mass mailing.

I am not even talking about the crazy offers via e-mails.

Life is good.




Mevely317 said...

Hahaha on the windows paying for themselves.
Well, darn. No-one's made us any offers for our place -- tho' there's plenty of spokemen buying ad time on television, begging folks to unload their properties 'as is.' Trouble is, even if someone takes them up on that offer, where are they going to find their next (affordable) house?

Momma always said I shouldn't say 'hate' ... but I hate these snake-oil salesmen.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Good one about the windows.

It's the same here. We get a lot of offers through the post to buy our house. Also the car. I got a leaflet on my car windscreen asking if I wanted to sell. This was whilst it was parked on my drive.

God bless you and Sherry.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are always give a ways buy one get one free, it seems, but truthfully the price is outrageous in most cases. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about upgrades here, I am happy with what I have. I really got a kick out of those windows paying for themselves! I wonder how they responded to that one! Good subject for today, as It seems to be the season for home repairs and remodeling. Everyone has been doing more of it during the pandemoniac. We can only try to use good judgement and research the facts when making a decision.

Dar said...

I loved the window response from the lady. I'd say the windows were paid up.~!!!. lol We have had lots of offers on our property, mostly land agents looking for a cheap deal on our fine land. No way! It's not for sale at any price. The kids get it. Besides, their offers are a complete slap in the face. Another scam!
loven'hugs from our gorgeous colored fall. I love the smell of wet leaves