Tuesday, October 19, 2021

More stuff and confession of stealing

 Memorable transportation of a day:


      Sherry on one of the boys Moto-cross bikes .       

For today:

Something there is about uncertainty that interferes with life. We (Sherry & I) are sorta ‘marking time.’ ‘Marking Time’ is a military marching order that you stand in place and march, but do not move. In other words just waiting here in NC.

Today, at 82 years old, I noticed I still use a couple marching movements without thinking i.e. turning on the ball of my foot to make a 90 degree turn  THEN I THOUGHT, if you are taught to march in the USMC you will be able to march for the rest of your life, because  “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” Boot Camp does make a difference.  HOWEVER I also think, ‘Once a Soldier always a Soldier.’ And the same for all branches of services.

You could say in life, once a Preacher’s Kid, always a preacher’s kid. OR  Once a mill worker’s kid always a mill worker’s kid.

I am trying to say, how you are trained, or raised MOST LIKELY you will remain in your mind.  There are exceptions.  I have known preacher’s kids that did a 180 degree from church. Also mill worker’s kids who said they would never work in a mill, but always respected their parents for their sacrifice to give them food and life.

Life is ‘funny’.  Some, funny strange; some just funny. Growing up most kids I knew had two pairs of shoes. There was a pair for school and play and the dress up pair for Sundays and funerals.

I know I steal from you guy’s blogs and comments. Stealing is a hard habit to break. Alright, plagiarizing, that sounds just as bad. Soooo, I mentioned Haiti, I am not sure how many have been there, but you cannot even imagine the poverty. Community water supplies, that means a spigot every once in a while along a dirt street. Homes made of rusty tin roofing, scrap wood, old tarps, rags and pasteboard boxes. Myra said she was there once and commented on the poverty, she also quoted someone in the group when seeing the squalor and poverty, commenting, “Every teenager back home should see this!”

How right that is, I have never seen poverty on that magnitude.

Thanks for stopping by, I promise to do better.




Mevely317 said...

Whaddya mean, promise to do better? Ship's Log is always enjoyable -- whether it be entertaining, comforting, or both!
Thanks for the shout-out. Plagerizing is such an ugly word; I much prefer imitating. As in, "the sincerest form of flattery." LOL!

My dad was a preacher's kid, and to hear him tell of the pranks he and his brothers got it, it's a wonder they didn't wind up in Truancy Court.

PS - LOVE this photo of Sherry, aka Motorcycle Momma!

yaya said...

My son did a 2 year mission to Taiwan and when he came home he was so appreciative of a house..not an apartment crammed in a big city, and he also saw unspeakable poverty. He always says we just don't have a clue on how lucky we are. His mission was hard but he came home a grateful young man.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Always a lovely visit here from which to learn. Thanx Jack. What a pleasure.

I do hate plagiarism. I wish people would stop doing it.

Would it not be wonderful if everyone was original and there was no plagiarism? You, may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us. And the world will be as one.

Keep smiling Jack. Your Blog is wonderful and always original.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would rather look at your kind of stealing as borrowing a thought or two. Yes, we don't realize how much we have compared to others. True poverty is hard to conceive, but when you see places like that it really makes you think about how blessed we are. Enjoy the fall season there before you head south.

Lisa said...

I was part of the flag team in high school. We had to march to the beat. Yes I still find myself going into marching mode when certain music is playing while I’m walking.
My church always took mission trips to Haiti. I always wanted to go but never could. I crocheted 50 baby hats for an orphanage in Haiti once. I hear its too dangerous to visit now.


Eileen in Fla. said...

There is no such thing as 'stealing' in Social Media.' Blog on!