Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Is your Forgetter working?

 Memorable car of the day:

    1957 Nash Rambler Cross Country


For today:

My hands are shaky, but my forgetter works VERY WELL, thank you!

Humans overall do forget stuff. Funny that, at times we are trying to remember a name and it flies by in my brain and I miss it, sorta like scrolling too fast but I cannot roll it back.

Is there something that your forgot ONCE, but have never forgotten again.  Like the time I forgot my sweet Sherry’s birthday. OUCH.

WE forgot once that the time had changed and went to church early and wondered where everyone was. I may have forgotten that again over the past FEW years day light savings time has been effect.

I have learned and forgotten a few car logos, but never the Chevrolet. It has been this since my dad was 10 years old.

                                          1913 until now

I forgot to check a Turkey and turn the oven off once.. Another OUCH..

Sherry’s brother Vernon was a runner, he loved to run. He would head up a road and tell his wife to come and catch up with him in an hour, he ran 3 hours before learning he had the car keys in his pocket.

IF one is not careful they forget they have a pot on the stove and it boils over.

One of our dearest friends, a country lady the mother of 10. All the kids were still living at home when one Sunday she dropped into the front seat of the car and said, “I think we’re ready for church Kenneth!”

Kenneth said, “You had better go back and put on your skirt!” She had her slip on but no skirt. With that many kids I would have probably forgotten my head. LOL Eileen was a wonderful lady and had a voice and range to match, that fit Carnegie Hall. Glenda, the oldest girl of the 10 kids, comments here.

This was Eileen in 2007. All her kids grown,  successful professionals and a credit to our nation. She was a super Mom.

We enjoyed dinner with that Missouri farm family several times and it was ALWAYS a pleasant TREAT for us.  So many memories.

But I regress methinks. Yes we forget. Do you have any memorable forgetters?




Mevely317 said...

I'll never forgive myself for the time I forgot my daddy's birthday. Thankfully, before the day was out I called Baskin Robbins and asked them to deliver a cake ... but I'm pretty sure he knew the real scoop. (Pun intended!)

Vernon's episode with the car keys is TOO funny. At least to this reader; probably not at the time. And Eileen's slip! I'm sure some of my own uh-oh's will come to me, but for right now my calendar and daily 'to-do' lists are invaluable.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes, forgetfulness comes with age ... or at any age, I guess.

I once went upstairs to the bathroom and forgot that we lived in a one-level bungalow. Hit my head on the ceiling and remembered ever since.

God bless.

Lisa said...

I am forever forgetting things. I don’t forget dates as much as I forget things. Like when I go to the store just to return an item and leave the item at home. Or get all the way to work and realize I forgot my badge which gets me into the doors.

From the West side