Thursday, October 14, 2021

Long lines

Cars of the day:


Some folks run out of gas methinks.

 You know there had to be some toilet problems.... OUCH

For today:

What is the longest line you have actually stood in until it was your turn?  I know we have been in grocery lines that seemed to be stopped, do you switch lanes?

Oh yes we do travel a lot and come upon slow to stopped lanes. I do switch lanes at times but most of the time it is an exercise in futility because the line I move to stops and the one I was in moves forward.  I sorta play a game at times like that and pick a truck easily recognized and see how we do in the long run.

WE have dealt with DMVs of several states. I have found NC has the slowest lines and Florida the fastest and most congenial clerks.

Chow lines are fairly long when stationed shore BUT longer if you are on an Aircraft Carrier. You see a lot of guys reading books as the line inches forward.

In 1956 after discharge from the USMC it was very hard to find a job. I looked for a job most days for two months. I had two friends, Dale Harness and Doug Carver also out of work. Dale found an ad for 100+ workers that took half a page in the Charlotte, Observer.

 WANTED Men willing to work under dangerous conditions, NOT FINIKY and willing to take some risk. Up to $4 an hour. INTERVIEWS START 9AM SHARP!

(AVG wage then $1-$2 hr)

     We got there at 8AM and the line was 3 blocks long. The man behind us was a supervisor in a mill in SC and had called in sick to apply for these mysterious jobs.

A man with a bull horn walked the line telling everyone he would be at the entrance, “If I say OK step thru the door, otherwise thank you for coming by but I will not be able to use you.”

We were nervous as the line moved most were accepted, we three, and the guy behind us were accepted. WOW we went in and took a seat. WE sat thru four 30 minute high motivational talks.  Still not knowing the job.. We lost men every talk. WE were down to the 100 when we learned the job was ‘Selling Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners.’


You talk about some BAD WORDS we heard them, men who had laid out of work for this pie in the sky stuff.

Dale, Doug and myself walked out. They didn’t say any bad words of course since they were good Christian dudes. I thought a few but I didn’t say any outside. LOL

That was the longest line I ever stood in and it was a waste of time.





Mevely317 said...

Ugh on that click bait, pie-in-the-sky stuff! The longest line(s) I can recall were in the Disney/Epcot parks. From an adult's standpoint, the ride/exhibit hardly seemed worth it. Thankfully, these days when I'm in a line at the grocery I'll just whip out my cell phone and scroll through Facebook.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Interesting post today. Over here we call the line a queue. Did you know that the queue was invented in France at the time of Louis XIV when people were short of food and had to queue for bread. Then came the French Revolution.

Unemployment lines can be very long sometimes. The authorities are trying to make them shorter by asking people to stand closer together.

The longest line I stood at was for a job. Waited for hours. They only had one job going. They wanted someone to chew hay for a horse with no teeth.

God bless.

Lisa said...

I think the longest line I have stood in is when I was younger. I stood in line over an hour to ride a roller coster at Carrowinds.

Happy Saturday