Monday, November 29, 2021

I see December coming up.....

 Memorable car of the day:

Christmas Car

For today:

Kids living in Key West or Alaska KNOW what December means. No doubt about it, I too still love Christmas.  Of course not like I did at ages 6-12, I think that is the ideal age for Christmas.

I read Sean of the South a good bit, in one of his last blog entries he told of a waitress he had in North Georgia. She had a disturbing tale about her youth and Christmas. There was never a tree nor presents. They never had a tree until dad and mom died and she painted one on their trailer wall in green. She and siblings made ornaments and stuck them to the wall. She was the oldest of the bunch of siblings and raised them.

When you hear a story like that I know “that I KNOW” I was raised in a family that wanted ME to remember Christmas., not only for gifts, but for the reason for Christmas.

We will send a little extra this year to our church back home for the families and homeless who are hurting this time of year. We will also make a donation to “A Home for Children.” (That used to be an orphanage.)

Hey, I have known homeless men personally, folks who fared well and were satisfied with that life. Sleeping in alleys, under bridges and shelters. I was told, “I have no responsibilities, no worries or bills to pay and no schedule; Jail? Ha, that is a nice warm place to sleep and be fed too.”

But believe me not everyone looks at it that way. ESPECIALLY the children of the unfortunate, the druggie and alcoholic. The children of the prostitute; they are stuck in a no win situation. We want to help where we can.

November I am always Thankful, in December, when I can, I want to do something about it.

Yeah in my 80s there is NOTHING I NEED! I am not looking for a present, but I hope I can help someone who needs it. Life is good, OR IT SHOULD BE!


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yaya said...

I do feel it's a real joy to give and not receive. I'm not 80 but I don't need anything either. You and Sherry are good folk and I know those you help will appreciate it.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You are such a wise and kind person, Jack. Thank you for this heart-warming post.

May more people get to know the real reason for Christmas.

God bless you and Sherry and family.

Lisa said...

Christmas was always fun at our house. We did a lot of family and church activities that lead up to Christmas day. There were four of us and we never felt deprived on Christmas morning when we walked into the den to see five or six presents for each of us. There would always be one big present like a bike or a big wheel but the other gifts were small. Now days, kids would snarl their noses up at the things we were greatfull for.

That is so sweet that you two give to the less fortunate. I work for DSS so I see what some children have to endure because of the choices their parents make. It is sad. But there are also a lot of people willing to help.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I totally agree, at this time of life Christmas is all about giving to others for us. There is little we need and we don't ask Santa for list s of toys anymore. My only Christmas wish Therese days is for my family to all be together. It's giving Tuesday today and time for us to think about what we can give back.

Mevely317 said...

I, too, was touched by Sean's story of that young girl's creativity in the face of poverty.
Absolutely, we're so blessed with plenty all around. Almost a shame, isn't it, that all these initiatives only seem to come around at Christmas time. Better than not at all, I suppose. We may not have much to give, but I'm privileged to do so.

Dar said...

You and Sherry are the most generous and genuine folks we have had the pleasure and honor to meet in person. Your hearts are full of unconditional love like my parents have taught the 9 of us kids. We had never been neglected or felt like we hadn't enough. We were the lucky ones, each and every one of us. Christmas was the most special with church, family and always a fantastic wild Christmas tree that sparkled like the heavens. Thanks for sharing yourselves with so many that will surly appreciate your kindness.
loven'hugs from up north where we also feel winter, but in the cold weather sort of way. :)