Thursday, September 9, 2010

A good Day trip Part #1 by default

I apologize, I have lost most of the pictures for this entry. I will try to make another entry later.
The mountain you see is a mt. in ARCO. ID. I assume those are graduating classes. I saw a 1920 on there.

The Wheat field is approx 25 sq miles. It is about 5 miles to that mt. in the back ground. We sang America the Beautiful as we drove thru miles and miles of amber fields. Sherry reminded me that the song was inspired after the authors trip to Pike's Peak.

The 54 was the degrees in ARCO as we drove through.
This shot was so spectacular, the white cloud on top of the mt. or Butte.

The trip today brought a surprise, we saw a sign and drove out to the WORLD's first nuclear power plant.

The innards were out for every one to see. The tours closed labor day. We missed the inside tour. Since this plant 50 nuclear plants have been built on this plain.

I cannot resist something that is new to me. The underground barn is new to me. We saw many this trip.

Lastly on this entry is Idaho Falls. It took five pictures to cover the whole falls. Note the pretty falls over the rocks, has another fall behind it. Man made. This is the Hydro plant for Idaho Falls.

One Picture has the Idaho Falls Temple in it. An absolutely beautiful building. I declare that this falls must be 1/4 mile long.
Sorry the other pictures didn't make it. Maybe tomorrow.
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Nothing is better than life. But God's creation makes that life worth living.


betty said...

amen on God's creation making life worth living; and of course having God in our lives definitely makes life worth living! beautiful falls! you know we lived by Idaho for eight years and never went on vacation there....what a shame since it is pretty

I just love how you and Sherry sang as you were driving along! very neat!!!!


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

I t0tally agree life is better with God's creati0n!a safe j0urney f0r y0u always

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems you still managed a lot of pictures for us. Another beautiful state to visit. The falls are amazing. I can imagine they do produce a lot of power. I hope your Friday is a great one!

Y said...

Traveling across the country certainly does prompt one to break into songs of praise and gratitude for having been born free in our great country.

Woody said...

I know what you mean about pictures being eaten by the computer, on my post of Maine Trip there were 4 pictures that I put on and when I opened it to check my entry those 4 were gone, probably floating around out there in pixel country. Glad you 2 are enjoying the trip, you 2 take care.
Gary & Anna Mae

shirl72 said...

I can just hear you and Sherry singing. What lovely country you guys are seeing. Our boys and girls have faught and still fighting so we can enjoy our freedom. Thank you Brother for your
time spent in the service for our Country and me.

Don't forget to fly your flag tomorrow. I bet
you already have "Old Glory" flying. AMERICA


Paula said...

I am amazed at those underground barns. The cows around here would melt most I had never thought how different people have to prepare until I visited a zoo up north several years ago. Isn't it fun to sing as you drive along? God bless America!

Fred Alton said...

Ha. Bursting into song! I was right there with you and it was a grand experience. Thanks for all you post to keep us informed. Been a little on the busy side here, but I'm reading the blogs. Good job.

Cher' Shots said...

Thanks for sharing another day of travel with us, it's almost like being there ~ but not quite the same. You're picking up the bill and we're reaping the benefits. Take care "hugs"

Dar said...

Hi You Two Wanderers! I have been reading your past entries from the last two weeks. Wow, you sure are putting on the miles. It is so grand that you are getting to see the whole family, making memories along the way. I still can't believe you took time out of your trip to come see us in WI. but, SOOOO glad you did. Your family is beautiful and look at those cute GGrands you have, not to mention the grandsons that resemble their Great Grandparents so much. What a beautiful bunch of DarNELLS...and YES, AMERICA is BEAUTIFUL.