Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Been a rough day today. Yesterday we waltzed across Texas, today we BOUNCED across Oklahoma and part ot Arkansas. Of the miles (over 9000) this trip I-40 was the worst. Sherry had to put the microwave on the bed, it was vibrating off the cabinets. So I begin to think,

Hey Baby, want to spend the night at Toad Suck? Okay she did look at me funny because she had already suggested it. We had bounced enough, so we followed the signs to 'Toad Suck' camp ground. Got messed up and took a wrong turn. The tow vehicle was in a bind and would not come loose.

Sherry got in the van to try to help loosen the tension. IT WOULD NOT START!!!

So out with the jumper cables and start it. Using thirty different tools I beat and banged the hitch loose. Then on to the park.

We are on the Arkansas River at the Dam called Toad Suck. Don't ask!!!

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There's a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can't get away. (I have tried to explain that to Sherry)


I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

Oh ho, Elsie Marie on the potty. Just seeing her makes the night better!!!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds as though you are doing a bit of a jig instead of a waltz there. Some of our roads are in mighty poor shape too. Hope you have a restful night and have some much smoother traveling from there on out. Take care!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

hope y0u to0 are still in g0od trip despite those unf0rtunate waltzed as y0u said.love that cuttie kiddie 0n the p0tty!wish y0u safe travel always!luv yah!
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shirl72 said...

Sorry about the roads. Roads are in bad shape
everywhere. City roads are just as bad. I don't
know how our cars stay in shape. Hope tomorrow
will be better. I think that is saying get
home where you are safe. Funny Elsie on the pot.
She is probably saying "Please can't I have some privacy".


betty said...

oh my! I agree with Shirl, let Elsie have some privacy!! it does sound like a tough day of driving! I guess we always have to have a few of them tucked in the trip somewhere along the way for us to really appreciate the great days when things go smoothly. I wonder if there is a story behind the name of that campground. Sure sounds like an interesting name!


Sheila Y said...

Aah, Toad Suck, where is Conway, Arkansas? Between Pickles Gap and Toad Suck (have the frig magnet). Passed there all the time when we lived in Kansas and were going home to Bama. Stopped to sightsee once and I think we bought a framed picture. Hope the bouncing isn't as bad tomorrow. Safe driving, Sheila

Paula said...

Be careful and stay safe.

Dina said...

Hey, if you're that close, are you going to visit Heifer Ranch, near Perryville?! ( www.heifer.org)
A great organization and the Ranch is very welcoming.
Your title of this post drew me to your amazing blog. When we were volunteers at Heifer Ranch, we "trained" and entered a toad in the annual Toad Suck toad races.
Good luck in your adventures!
Greetings from Jerusalem.

Y said...

Glad you had Elsie Mae to bring the day to a happy end.

Lucy said...

No one deserves all that. To have those mishaps seem few and far between for your trip so far. Be careful. Elsie Mae is adorable. Slow process for me I think.

Woody said...

I never heard of Toad Suck, I will pass on putting that on my Bucket List unless you got some pictures of it being a beautiful place!!!
You and Sher take it easy on the Bouncing around! LoL! Couldn't help myself, had to say it!!
You 2 take it easy;
God Bless ya's!

Gary & Anna Mae

Anonymous said...

Until Christmas it will be a nice memory.

Please have you all a good Thursday.

~mel said...

Nice picture of you Jack while you're thinking!!

Fred Alton said...

Ha! I had to laugh about your saying the roads are so rough - altho I was pained by the problems you had with the dead battery in your towed vehicle. But then towed vehicle should fit right in at Toad Suck. ☻