Tuesday, September 21, 2010


You might know, Buddy shows up with a young wife, a new car anda new motor home with fifteen slide outs. Everything with a new wax job, except the young bride, she doesn't need any help! LOL

That first hug was great. After 50+ years I can still see the young hot blooded Buddy in there. Yeah, I know you can't (LOL) but you would have to have been here. Hey Tuck if you read this, You and me are better looking than Buddy (But he does have ;more hair than us). Youknow I am better looking than you so we know who is writing this entry. hahahahahaha!!!!
Sure wish you could be here. We said a lot of things about you, some were even good!!!

Above is Buddy and Di. They have been married over forty years, Tuck/Rose and Sherry/I have been married over fifty. He waited much longer until he found someone with bad eyesight. LOL. Just joking Di. They make a great couple, Di is a wonderful sweet lady. Much better than he deserves (I know much like Sherry & I).

He has gained more weight, but has had a few more medical problems than I. Like always caused by his excessive gusto for life. I have been catching up (as much as my hearing will allow)
and enjoying every minute of it. Below is Charlie the rest of the immediate faamily. I thought he looked a lot like Buddy.

Buddy reads the Blog, never comments to keep me on my toes. Once awaile back mentioned I wanted a tremote control truck. Look what Santa brought me.

I'm just learning to drive, so there are a few problems. I want to learn inside before I take it out to show off to the other old folk.

Will continue later. I saw Buddy out walking Charlie, gotta go see what is on his mind.
Thanks for reading the Blog. (Tuck E-mail me)
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

15 slide outs??? My niece has 3 and that makes her camper really big. It's not an RV but I think a small family could live in it full time. Glad you and your friend reconnected after all these years.

Jen said...

Have fun with your new toy! Don't use it to scare the neighborhood cats...that's not nice...

shirl72 said...

I know you are having fun...You guys were the
rough and rowdy three. Tuck might hop a plane
and fly over to meet you two. Jack your Motor Home is huge. Tell Buddy and Di hello. You guys
were to young to be in my crowd. Get your
driver's license for that car before you show
off to your friends.


Paula said...

Isn't is great to meet up with old friends? Bet you two had a lot to talk about.

~mel said...

So happy that this reunion was able to take place!

You be careful with that remote control car ~ no running it up against Sherry's ankles or she has my permission to take it away from you and hide it for 30 years. I remember when my Sam had a car like that... ohhh... the times he hit me in the ankles ... and yes... he had it taken away from him a few times.

Keep enjoying your wonderful lives and keep on sharing it with us!!! I LOVE YOU TWO !!!! Safe travels!

Fred Alton said...

Awww Man! How great it is to meet up with old friends after so many years. That is one of the greatest feelings there is. It's obvious that your friendship is strong. Otherwise he would beat you up for all those insulting snide remarks you make. ☻ ☻ ☻ lol Other tanbgible evidence of the strength of that friendship is in that remote controlled car!

Anonymous said...

Life felt better after seeing such happiness being stronger than any time can ever be. Please have you all a good Wednesday.

betty said...

loved the picture of you and Buddy together! Must have been neat to finally see him after all those years! He and his wife make a great looking couple, as you and Sherry do!! Too cute with the remote control car! I can see many an adventure with that! Enjoy the rest of your visit with your special friends!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of you and your reunions and tours and travels...but so happy you guys are able to enjoy it so much...so I will live thru it all via your blog...cause you take great pics and have such great adventures...love and hugs to you both...be safe...

Y said...

An old song from my Girl Scout days:
"Make new friends. but keep the old.
One is silver, but the other's gold."