Monday, September 6, 2010

More from Clearfield, Utah

This is our grown grandsons swinging.

In all the things we have to do here at the motor home, my responsibility is the camera. I have dropped it several times and broken it twice, but she still trusts me with it. Well today I met Elsie with only the spare batteris in my pocket. They don't work well without the camera. Of course I acted like it was on purpose, after all I see everyone else pointing their cell phones and clicking. We have two new ones. Problem is I didn't know how to operate them. Sherry showed me how to take some pictures. The quality isn't good, but don't you think this is cheating a little to get on the kids slide with Elsie (winning her affections.)
Here she is again (from yesterday) I haven't figured how to get the rest of the pictures with ME AND ELSIE off the phone yet.

And again laughing and singing with Elsie. I think this is cheating.

Now it is okay for Ben to be on this stuff, she is his daughter.

He even goes thru the McDonalds tunnels and slides with her. This is the three section tire swing.

Yesterday was so windy I know gusts to 40+. This is Carol and Shon fighting the wind. The park is just a little walk from the RV park.

This is Corey and jackie swinging. ( I do have a picture of Corey and Ben swinging)

All is fair in love and war, a little popcorn never hurts.

Back at Grandma Carol's. Here she is with her youngest and oldest grand kids, Elsie and Maddie.

Time is fast passing for our time here in UTAH. This time we tried not to monopolize all their time, but did manage to see everyone and visit. It has been a great trip.

Tomorrow night we will see most everyone the last night in town. I think the plans are to go to Dick and Joan's house and hang out. BUT we are flexable, anywhere with the family is fine.

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Paula said...

You two are looking good on the slide.

shirl72 said...

I remember our last visit. Hard to believe we had 11 going to Utah from age 12 to 74. Things
went smooth. Plane trip, renting cars, eating
out and everybody stayed together and no one
left behind. It was funny how we all stuck
together traveling. They seated us together
on the plane. It was really a fun trip. Got
to see everybody. This year would be imposible
to get the group together. Now they are in college and married. A good memory to store in our memory bank. I know you are enjoying your visit. Looking forward to maybe seeing you in the fall.


betty said...

love seeing the "older" people (not counting Sherry, because she is not old) playing on playground equipment with the young ones!! Thinking I spotted a red wagon in one of the pictures, hoping it was Elsie's!! enjoy your last night visiting! that time has gone by soooo fast!!!


Anonymous said...

How nice to see such a clean and bright playground ! Thanking you very much for your comment as well, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Wednesday.

Fred Alton said...

What a wonderful family and wonderful "family time" for you! BTW - that Maddie is a GORGEOUS young lady. My goodness. I'm so glad you all are having this time with your family.

Lucy said...

I don't know how I missed all the great pictures.Have been trying to clean out my computer and got involved in that. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.