Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shoshone Falls and Evil Kenevil.

Here Is part of our Grocery shopping at the Farmer's market.
As I have said over and over I love barns.

Is this a potato field or what, hundreds of acres of Idaho Potatoes.

Potatoes in the foreground and wheat in the back ground. These scenes are breath taking to the neophyte. It never ceases to amaze me at the huge fields. Once in North Dakota I watched a farmer start plowing a huge field. He made one round in one day. Left the tractor in the field and rode his 4-wheeler home.

I got this shot of a stock yard, this is only part of it. We are headed to Shoshone Falls located at Twin falls, Idaho.

We have been seeing snow on the mountains for a couple days now. Maybe time to head to Las Vegas.

I thought you would like to see Potato harvesting in action. Yeah I know you can't see anything for the cloud of dust. Gotta figure this is a dirty job. I did get to talk to a Idaho farmer. He told me they never dropped the potato more than 10-12 inches because of the danger of bruising them, and cause them to rot sooner. There is a truck beside the potato raker, you just cannot see it for the dust. The empty truck behind, awaiting his turn beside the Potato rake.

Okay our destination for today, the Snake River Canyon. We are here to see Shoshone Falls and Twin Falls. BUT first a look at the canyon. This is the area where Evil Kenevil attempted his jump of the Snake River Canyon. 1974 I think. He never made it. Actually he did not use a motorcycle, it was a sort of rocket. He fired off and headed up at about the appegee, the parachute accindently deployed, the wind blew him back to this side. His attempt was from the left of the picture here across. He landed just below the clift and not a boat was in the water. I figured there would be many folks down ther in boats watching. Anyway he received only slight cuts and bruses but he did not make it.

Shoshone falls were not disappointing, they were beautiful. The amount of water is down due to the Hydro plant and the irigation upstream.

(if you blow any pictures, this is the one blow it up twice and you can see the formations of the rocks)

My Girl in front of the main falls.

Using the timer I got our picture on some lava rocks.

Down on #93 there is a high bridge over the Snake Canyon. This large out cropping of rocks must have at one time blocked the Snake river.
At first glance you would think if was a manmade dam, that had given awaw.

Looking down river ther was only one boat.

The Bridge is huge as you can see. As we walked up Sherry said 'Someone just jumped off that bridge!'
I ran ahead and looked down to see. I could see no one in the water.
I did not look to my left where someone was hang gliding down to a target on the canyon floor. So I did not get a picture. Someone standing there said the bridge was known for good winds and hang gliding.

We had a great trip. The trip up to see Twin falls was a bust. It was not as big as the smallest outlet of the Shoshone Falls. They most of the available water for the Hydro plant there.
I have learned a lot about the Snake. It is a long river and does a lot of different jobs.
Thanks for coming this way, I appreciate it.
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Heading South pretty soon, but first the snowball fight! Tomorrow.

(The pictures will enlarge twice now. Once, then again with the +.)


betty said...

what great finds at the Farmer's Market!! yum! those falls look so very scenic! I remember 1974 and Evel Knevil, such a fuss and lots of TV coverage!! LOL with the snow; too early for it to really 'stick' more than a day or two :) safe travels south!


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Y0ur ph0tos are all great jack I bet y0u had a great time there I love m0st y0ur ph0t0 and sherry t0gether.

Bookncoffee said...

You are so blessed to get to travel and see things. Thanks for sharing these beautiful places.

Guess what! I'm back in the public blogging again. I've missed being able to participate in our blog community, more than you know. Here is my new site, if interested.

Lucy said...

Great photos!! Beautiful scenery!!! Your home must be easy to navigate., to get into what must be some rugged country . I realize you take your car for sight seeing, but I just can't imagine but that the highways are a bit challenging. Take care you 2.

~mel said...

What a fantastic trip the two of you are having!! THANK YOU so much for sharing it all with us. Seriously, Evil Knevil must have been a card short in the deck to attempt some of the things he did. Speaking of cards ~ Look out Vegas!! Have fun and remember me when you're in the casino (if you visit one)... lucky number 7.

Fred Alton said...

Fascinating pictures and stories of the Shoshone Falls and Snake River. Also interesting about harvesting Idaho potatoes. Thanks for letting me ride along.