Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Moab to Hill Air Force Base and some family!

Beautiful day to drive. We came UP out of Moab. The drive was great all the way. At the intersection of I-70 we saw two BIG trucks, what was on them? Propeller blades for a wind machine. Paula and I were talking about that the other day, both of us has seen one on the road and thought it was an airplane wing. Folks these things are huge. I just got distant shots
But notice where it attaches to the hub, that sucker is over eight feet across! It is as big as the truck cab.

This was no boring ride. We stayed on the Interstate for an hour then cut across country. The views were fantastic.

I love the formations.

Notice ahead this road threaded thru the canyon following along the Price river.
Sherry got a good shot of the Price River running along the road.

After about 4 or 5 hours of driving, we got our first view of the Wasatch Mountains. On the other side is I-15, and turning North we head toward family.

What was the first things we saw after passing the Wasatch chain? Wind machines. Remember those arms are nearly 70 ft. long. AMAZING!

We drove on up I-15 to the Clearfield area. After parking we checked our mail at the post office, yep, General Delivery, we have it. Now we are ready to settle down for a week and visit family.
Jack was going to fly out to be with us but could not make it. We were hoping for a double visit. Oh yes this is where Elsie Mae lives, soon. Since she does not know us, we will have to ease into her life.
Thanks for riding with us on today's exciting trip. This country is beautiful.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What beautiful country. So different yet still beautiful for sure. I am in awe of those wind machines all over the place out there. I hope you do enjoy the family visit.

shirl72 said...

More beautiful country sites.. I know you are going to enjoy seeing Elsie Mae. I know she has grown. I bet I can guess what will be on your next blog. Could it be Elsie?


Paula said...

I like the picture of the wind machines. They really fascinate me. I wonder why we don't have more here in south texas. Could it be too hot and dry and maybe not enough wind? We do see one between here and the town north of us. Don't spoil Elsie Mae.

betty said...

how exciting to spend the time with family; you know Elsie Mae will warm up to you guys pretty darn soon I do believe. Beautiful scenery too!

enjoy your time with family :)


Fred Alton said...

I did not realize how huge the wind machines are - but then they would have to be to generate enough electricity for an entire village or town. Do you know how many kwh they put out each? Thanks for the great photos. I wanted to get out and fish the Price River. Bet there are some lunkers lying in those deep holes!!!

Lucy said...

You just answered my question. You have family in Utah. Elsie Mae, spoil her. Everyone should have one spoiled child. Beautiful pictures!!! I thought I was traveling with you! I did my own traveling Tues. and think I am still in sync.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos,the moab area,thanks sherry and jack. i am south of the u.s. air force academy about 70 miles. i'm a very light eater now - - thanks for the offer sam

Anonymous said...

Priceless pictures ! What a joy it must have been seeing such wide country. Thank you for sharing this journey. Please have a safe road ahead and a good Friday as well.

Lindie said...

great pictures. i love the wind machines and think if anything, people should be happy to have them in their area!

Jim said...

Quite interesting.
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Anonymous said...