Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well today we said good by to Dianne and Charlie. We have enjoyed them so much. We had met neither Di or Charlie. Both proved to be a JOY! Oh yes they took Buddy, we already miss them. Buddy's dad was a handsome distinguished man. When I first saw buddy a few days ago my first impression was He has become his dad. (NOT AS HANDSOME MIND YOU, I COULD NEVER SAY THAT!)

Below are pictures of Di and Charlie. Charlie is a loving pet. Of course Di is too!!!! And I did find out. Buddy stole her from England, they still cry wanting her back. I see it in the news all the time about Princess Di.

We visited the Petroglyph National Monument. This is a beautiful desert flower, the Astor. (maybe)

We left Buddy back at the office talking to one of the local Rangers. I followed these two pretty.... girls (you thought I was gonna say rear ends! didn't you Mel (s))

Petroglyphs are symbols pecked into the surface of these lava rocks.

Di and I flound some more. They were put here between 200-300 years ago.

Sherry found some, among some more lava rocks.

More as we walked around. Very few are pointed out by the park service you search for them yourself.

More of them, no one knows exactly what they mean except me, and I am sworn to secrecy by the ancestrael ghosts of the Pueblo, Apache and Navajo who created them.

We found Buddy back at the office and we are discussing the sorry state of todays Politics.

As usual I got lost, but with Di's help we found Old Town Albuquerque. A very interesting area with a lot of history. Some smart aleck parked an antique Mercedes convertable down town. Looks to be about a 1950.

Many of the buildings are original with some being restored.

We sat and listened to this band on flutes(?) I even enjoyed it. My Sherry bought me a cone of BUTTER PECAN ICE CREAM, know what Buddy's favorite is? BUTTER PECAN! We both agree it beats Chocolate hands down. (and we are experts).

Below is San Felipe De Neri is the oldest church in Albuquerque and has served the area continously since 1706. hard to beat that record in the USA.

Restaurant "La Hacienda" on the corner of the square.

I finally got Sherry to buy a couple pieces of Turquoise. This is one of the vendors. A beautiful lady, but she sat on her legs constantly. It hurt mine to see it.

Well here we are at home, and Buddy is telling jokes. He spent four years in the Bayou country of Lousiana and can entertain using Cajun phraseology (which I dearly love) and stories he heard while living there. Besides PI work, Undercover work, and teaching law enforcement, he also played guitar in a band.
Tucker, He and I used to play mean trumpets, I didn't know he had took up the guitar and played professionally. He was full of surprises.

He ain't bad with a steak either. He and Di fixed supper for us and I had a delicious steak. We ate our Idaho potatoes also.

As I said, Di & Charlie took Buddy this morning and left. It was one great visit. We are already trying to arrange a get together with all three of us old guys.
We learned a lot. Buddy suffered a Heart attack early 2000's but has bounced back.
They seem so much in love, Di probably saved Buddy's life, without direction ain't no telling what would have been his end and undoing. LOL
Anyway we head out in the morning, change of plans. As always life cannot be predicted, my lovely SIL Ruth has had a heart attack and they don't expect her to live. According to what we find back there, we would like to resume our trip. We were looking forward to seeing Paula in San Antonio.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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Don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often.


Anonymous said...

How incredible things you find. Impressive indeed. Seems that even way back then, passion went into leaving a trace, friendship might be mentioned in the same breath.

Love the second p.s. of yours. Thank you. Please have you all a good start into the new week.
And thank you for "reading between the lines".

daily athens

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Butter pecan just can't be beat. I do love it. So sorry to hear about the detour you are going to have to make. Life is like that, I know from plenty of experience. We can make all the plans we want, but God determines our course. Take care, I'll be praying as always!

Paula said...

Seems plans can be changed at the drop of a hat but it can't be helped. John was so afraid he was not going to be able to go on his trip. Now he can if something else doesn't come up. Drive carefully.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Love all the photos here,and the d0g oh!so lovely!what's the secret behind th0se marking tell me I w0n't tell others!hahaha

betty said...

so sorry to hear about Ruth :( however, I'm glad that you were able to spend time with Buddy, Di and Charlie. I enjoyed all the pictures of Albuquerque, brought back great memories

be careful out there you two!


shirl72 said...

Glad to you and Buddy had a wonderful time
going over past events. It was also nice to read about Di and Charlie. Sorry Tuck was not
there to share your younger fun days. Good friends are priceless. Take care and hope you
have a safe trip.


Woody said...

"Butter Pecan" is almost as good as Pecan Praline Ice Creme, Glad you 2 are doing great and traveling. Enjoy sharing your travels.


Melanie said...

butter pecan is good....but butter pecan CUSTARD is best.....
Sorry to hear about Ruth ((((Jack & Sherry))))))))))

Sheila Y said...

So sorry to hear about Ruth. Be careful driving back. Hope you are able to resume your tour. Take care, Sheila