Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From Toad Suck to Tupelo, Mississippi

Okay, if you don't know Tupelo, Mississippi is Where ELVIS was born, well you just ain't an Elvis Fan.

The roads were rough most of the way today, but we did have some smooth roads. I am going to write the head of DOT's for OK, AR & MS a letter. Every bridge has a bump on both ends. no one seems to know how to miter in or smooth in a bridge. I said several 'bad' words today when caught by surprise. Ok not REAL BAD WORDS, I have heard 'good folk' say worse. HA! (but not my mama!)

On the way back we have crossed the Pecos River, Tucker Creek, The Arkansas River, the Mississippi AND the Tallachie River Bridge (remember that one? 'Was the 3rd of June another sleepy tale to tell today..... sang by Bobbie Gentry) I am still puzzled about what they threw off the bridge!

Instead of pushing further we stopped here. We have been to Graceland, but never stopped by Tupelo.

This is where it all started.

Down town they have these steel guitars scattered about.

At the house and museum I caught Sherry with a 13 yr old Elvis and his guitar.

The house is a two room house. You might know the type, Bed in one room and the other is the kitchen with a table. Vernon, his dad and uncle built the house.

Living room had a small fireplace.

Fireplace and churn.

No Southern house is complete without a porch swing.

The Church Elvis & family atttended was an Assembly of God. The church was a block or so away from the house, it was moved onto the museum property.
While attending the pastor, Rev. Smith, taught Elvis some cords on the guitar.

The church outhouse was moved too. Sherry said when you gotta, you gotta!

This is a view of the small house.

You probably knew Elvis was a twin, but his brother was still born. You may or may not know that Vernon forged a check and was sent to Parchment Prison for 3 yrs. He was paroled after 8 months. But during that time Gladys and Elvis lost the home and all their possessions of value. They spent weekends riding the bus to see Vernon in prison.
Just to think from those beginnings the world got to know Elvis Pressley. Like him or not you have to admit he had talent. Like him or not you must admit he was very generous. I really believe he was a good person, but got carried away with drugs. Drugs have ruined many rich and poor folk.
Anyway that is where we are tonight. This fast trip back East is a little too much on us we must stop and catch our breath. Somewhere in Alabama.
Thanks for coming to Elvis Birth place.
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shirl72 said...

Glad to read about Elvis. I went to his concerts when he came to Charlotte. One
was when he starting failing but he still put on a good show. I do have an Elvis necklace.


Sheila Y said...

Oh yes, I have been there too. Twice actually but it was after hours the first time so I just saw it from the outside. Safe travels, Sheila

Paula said...

Speaking of cussing my Daddy used to say oh sugar. wasn't that bad? lol I too think Elvis was a good person but money, attention, and stress ruins so many of the good ones in the end.

betty said...

I think it would be fun to see those guitars all about the town. I agree with your assessment of Elvis. I think it is really hard to be a celebrity and deal with all you have to deal with.


~mel said...

We all have to deal with rough roads once in awhile ... it makes you appreciate the good ones!

I had tickets to an Elvis concert when we lived in Waterloo,WI; but gave them away because my Mom and Dad showed up unexpectedly for a visit. It was their first time to see us after we had moved away from the hometown ~ and that meant more to me than Elvis. If I would have known then that it was going to be his last concert in Wisconsin I probably would have gone... but I heard feedback that his concert wasn't the best. It was during his bad times when he was so strung out on drugs right before his death. so sad

Safe travels ~ and watch that mouth ... you eat with it (sadly, I find myself using that phrase quite often with my son Sam and his croanies)... been there... done that ... I'm not judging ~ just fooling with ya!

If I can't pick on you ... who will?

Fred Alton said...

LoL! Love the thought of borrowing money from a pessimist. However, it's hard for me to find any of them among my friends. ☻ You know - I feel completely in the dark when it comes to knowledge about the background of Elvis. I had heard that he used to sing at the AOG but the folks made fun of his style. ha. Thanks for the history lesson too about his father, Vernon. Also I knew that he was more or less nemesis of (or is that nemesis to) Jerry Lee Lewis.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad to hear you will be taking a little break. That is truly a lot of traveling in a short period of time. Take good care!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

What did they throw off that bridge....something to stop and ponder...!!
Safe travels my friends.....


Lucy said...

Elvis has some beautiful gospel music also. We did get to visit there once. I know it has grown like crazy thanks to his x-wife and his daughter. I never cared for Jerry Lee Lewis. I try to remember him like he was before his final appearance in Omaha, Ne.