Thursday, September 23, 2010

You NEED sunglasses in the west.

I get upset at claims that history does not bear out. Now forgive me if you do not feel the same. Look over me if you consider my age or ignorance, ‘cause I am a nice guy.

I just read some notes on sunglasses. First of all I am a sucker for some of the little voting squares on the internet. One popped up as I was reading.
COST OF SUN GLASSES (What do you pay?)

o…. less than $10
o….Between $10 and $40
o….Over $40

Well if you know me, I pay less than $10 (actually less than $5) and truly I don’t normally wear sun glasses. Now to be honest, as I have traveled from Nebraska west, and especially in Utah, I have seen the need for sun glasses. Where there are few trees and hills to cut the sun sometimes, it does get bad, especially if you are driving.

The results of the survey: ….Push me over with a feather, most folks pay OVER $40 for sun glasses.
Reading the article I am told if I don’t wear the correct sunglasses I will go blind.

Forgive me. My dad died at 69 and only wore those flip down things on his regular glasses sometimes. Dad in Law lived to be older and I never saw sun glasses on him and he could read a newspaper without reading glasses until he died. Mama never had a pair in her life. I doubt if Davy Crockett did, but then Santa Anna cut his life short at the Alamo before we had the chance to see if it ever bothered him.

Oh, I know, sun glasses are cool. I remember while in service, what we referred to as ‘aviator’s glasses’ were cool. I actually paid $8 for a pair. Leaned over the side of the boat and they fell off, I watched them do a sliding dance out of sight. The last expensive pair I have ever bought.

I am also a flea mkt buff. At the flea markets in FLA one whole wing is sunglasses. There are more types of sunglasses than there are different Bras and panty hose, and baby, that is saying something.

Anyway I just can’t believe I would ever pay $40 for a pair of sunglasses. (I hope I don’t regret that!)

Thanks for reading this rant.

Nite Shipslog

I just thought I would give you a break from travel.
Did you ever talk to someone with those mirror sunglasses, I hate that. Can’t tell if they are lying or not.
Growing up, I never saw farmers wearing sunglasses, as I can remember.


betty said...

LOL with the sun glasses. Such a status symbol for some. I remember my mom wore them after she had cataract surgery because it was recommended. Son was in to them for just a bit but after he lost/misplaced/gave a few of expensive pairs away he lost interest. Me, I have those types of lenses in my glasses that fade into sunglasses when out in the sun, that is good enough for me :)


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Ouch,lol in kinda addicted t0 sunglasses as I am t0 bags and sh0es besides this 3 weaknesses of mine I d0n't buy anything expensive f0r myself,i l0ve sunglasses especially I d0 walk a lot in the sun and driving!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Sunglasses are our friends......sunglasses are our friends.....repeat after me.....sunglasses...!!!!


Y said...

While Richard and I were living in our RV, traveling west, at a Camping World, we found the most dorky-looking, but best sunglasses for driving that fit over our regular glasses. They have side vision protection which helps greatly when viewing the world through the wrap-around picture windows in a Class A motor home. They are $20 at camping stores and Wally World, and worth every penny.

But our grandkids groan with embarrassment whenever we put them on.

Lucy said...

Jack you are right on with everything about sun glasses. The sun sets in the west and our house faces the west so Joe has made shades for our front porch that he can hook up to the ceiling. It drops the degrees by 10 points at least when the sun starts to come up on our front porch. He got the vinyl kind that are made for indoors nailed frame work to them and hook them to the porch when down. Yep I am bragging about my husband and his inventions. I hate wearing sunglasses and after cataract surgery I have to wear them or drive blind. Most I just don't drive at night because the same things happen with traffic lights.

Fred Alton said...

I hate buying sun-glasses, but do love the relief that a NEW pair offer when I am driving in bright sun. The problem is they cost too much and get scratched almost immediately and therefore I'm taking them off every 5 minutes to "clean" them! I paid $20 for the last pair, which are "clip-on" but are clipped on with a spring and are made to fit the exact size of the glasses.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At any rate I'm glad you got some cheap sunglasses. I cannot imagine the glare that you would have out there with no shade around for miles. I too have the kind of glasses that change if I'm in the sun. Saves having to clip some on when needed. Driving with the sun in your eyes is terrible. Hope you all are having a great time. It's like summer once again in Ohio today but tomorrow will be cooler.

Paula said...

You're gonna love John's sun glasses. My eyes hurt sometime if I don't use them. I used to even hang out clothes with them on and was accused of thinking I was a movie star. lol

shirl72 said...

Commented and lost it. I wear sunglasses when
facing the sun driving. We look so cool
wearing them. I like Fred mine needs cleaning
all the time. So far I have not left or lost
them anywhere.


~mel said...

I LOVE my sunnies! I wouldn't go fishing without them. I always get the polarized ones so I can see in the water. Very cool... you just have to try them sometime. I agree with you though on the sunglasses that mirror your image right back at you when you're talking with someone. I don't like those either ~ I like to be able to see someone's eyes when I'm talking with them.
I also like the amber colored glasses, especially in the winter when the sun is reflecting off the snow and ice. Ohh... that's right... you're a southbound kinda guy ~ when the snow starts to fall... you wouldn't know what I'm talking about when I say SNOW!! Real snow... not that little dusting powder you run into once in awhile. lol

Now go out and spend a few of those pesos you got there and get some AMBER COLORED POLARIZED sunglasses. (the aviator style is still in fashion and might even look good on an old geezer like yourself) You won't be disappointed... AND every time you put them on and look at a snowman you can think of me. (even if the snowman would be on a Christmas card or in a magazine)

Anonymous said...

What a joy to read. Over here people won't leave their house without sun glasses ... still am trying to get used to it, even though not wearing any on my own. And yes, talking to people wearing such "mirror glasses" isn't good a thing at all.
Please have you all a nice start into the weekend.

Melanie said...

Sorry should wear last pair was over $100.00 ....they are prescription tho.......can't see other